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Find out the Current relationship between U.S President Donald Trump and Russia

January 13, 2017
First published on:January 13, 2017
by John

The most searched topic for the current situation is all about Donald Trump. Since the day Trump is chosen as the new president of US, he has been on the high list. There were many negative comments about the newly elected president.

Also there were many rumors regarding US and Russia's layers of business and personal interest which have started conflict and loyalties problems. However, US and Russia share the bilateral relationship and always tried to maintain trade and diplomatic relations. There were rumors of Russia interfering in US election. Today, we are discussing the relationship between US president Donald Trump and Russia and reality behind the hacking.

Find out the current relationship between U.S President Donald Trump and Russia

Everyone might be familiar with the poor relationship between Russia and America. As Donald Trump is elected as the president, various effects on Russian foreign policy are expected. In one of the interviews, Donald said that he has always wanted to improve the Americans relationship with Russia.

He also said that he will definitely maintain a closer relationship with Vladimir Putin. Putin's foreign policy is actually designed in such a way to restore the Russian influence and power.

Donald Trumo and Vladimir Putin

Donald Trumo and Vladimir Putin

Did Russia "HACK" the US election?

The whole world has gone crazy when the news was flashed regarding Russia trying to hack Democratic National Committee emails. Russia was actually blamed for interfering in the US election. They were accused of attempting to interfere with voter registration rolls and hacking the emails of John Podesta (Campaign chairman of Hillary Clinton).

As written on some reports, Russia was trying their best for the exact result of Trump's victory. While interviewed about the real fact, intelligence officials said that there were Russian operatives involved in hacking to ensure the victory of the Republican candidate.

Trump was clearly and constantly denying Russian hacking. While Trump was asked about the topic, he said that it will be almost impossible to know who was involved in the hacking. He also questioned the media officials for not raising the issue before the election.

However, there was no any single proof declared till the date. It's not important who did it but it's important to know the information inside it.

Clip of Trump speaking about Russia

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