Maureen Blumhardt and Spouse Charles Barkley Are Together Since 1989; Don't They Ever Have a Child?

March 27, 2018
First Published On: March 27, 2018

A happy marriage is all about the promise to never give up on each other. In like manner, Maureen Blumhardt married to the famous NBA player, husband Charles Barkley in 1989 and faced a lot of problems due to the color issue but, despite this, they have become the best example of a true couple


Maureen and husband Charles have been married for 29 years that means their married life is going to be almost 3 decades. And still, they are going strong and living happily with their child without any rumors of divorce. So, let’s find out the details about Maureen Blumhardt's married life.

Maureen Blumhardt and Spouse Charles Barkley: living a happy married life

Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt got married in 1989, while the NBA legend was in the 76ers team. The dates and other relevant information regarding their marriage are not known to us, but it has already been almost 3 decades since their marriage.

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CAPTION: Maureen Blumhardt and Spouse Charles Barkley SOURCE: wikicelebinfo

Being together for almost three decades is not a joke. For being in such a long relationship, the pair needs to build their love until the end. And it looks like as if this couple has done it and so are still going strong.

YouTube: Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt life story

Talking about their first meeting, then they first met by mistake at a City Avenue restaurant. The couple started talking and with time the couple fell in love with each other. However, even after falling in love, they hid their relationship from everyone. The reason was later heard that they didn’t want to let the world create any rumors regarding their love life.

CAPTION: Maureen Blumhardt with Spouse Charles Barkley and daughter Christiana Barkley  SOURCE: Heavy

At the time when they were together, there was racial discrimination so they tried to keep their relationship low-key because of fear of being discriminated by society.

Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley share a daughter together

There were lots of rumors of Maureen and Charles of having a son together but there is no proof of it as they had not shared anything of it and preferred to keep their personal life away from the media. But we are sure that the couple has a daughter, Christiana Barkley who was born in the same year they got married.

CAPTION: Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley's daughter Christina Barkley SOURCE: Facebook

As we have gone through Christiana Barkley profile, we came to know that she studies at Columbia Journalism School. However, we are unknown about other information of Christiana.