YouTuber Jacob Sartorius, Age 13, Hit and Miss Singer Already Collecting Female Fans - Girlfriend?

13-year-old star – He is pure magic. Girls are following him on Instagram like crazy and the comments he receives is worth reading. Youtuber and Viner Jacob Sartorius is a cute and handsome young man. He could be the next version of Justin Beiber in terms of popularity, isn’t it? He has got the looks and he’s definitely got more than enough women following him.

More about Jacob Sartorius popularity

It all started when Jacob posted his first Vine video on August 2014. The message his first video sent was with regards to bullying. Although he wasn’t regular since February 2015, he continued with his videos since then and there was no going back for this young lad. His mother assists him in making his videos. 

Virginia born Jacob has more than 800 followers on his Twitter, 952k followers on Vine, 5.1 million followers on Instagram and more than 360,000 likes on his Facebook page! 2 weeks ago, he released his own youtube single named 'Hit or Miss" which has more than 11 million views. 

At present, Jacob has released his own shopping website where various accessories such as phone covers, hoodies, shorts, trousers, caps can be bought online.

Jacob’s fans get furious at his text conversations

The Hit and Miss star had a naughty moment with his fan through message conversations? It appears that, according to We The Unicorns, a big time fan of Jacob’s posted a picture on Twitter which basically showed her collection of Facebook conversations she had with the “cutie” Jacob. According to their conversation, it can be proved that Jacob had been asking for nude pictures of a girl with her Twitter name “ALY”.

But then what went wrong?

Apparently, Jacob was angry at his fan because she refused to send a picture of her without any clothes on. There were two sides to this situation. There were some who were calling Jacob’s page as a fake one; while others were on the Twitter girl’s side, no celebrity can mistreat a fan!

The conversation looks as if it’s pretty intense – his fan really seems to like Jacob a lot and definitely doesn’t want to see him sad. But then, the emotion stickers the 13-year-old sends does make it look like he is pretty dissatisfied or annoyed.

Fan’s Reaction to Jacob’s behavior

As expected, there were some mean tweets about how Jacob used his fan to fulfill his personal desires. But on the other side, loyal fan followers of Jacob still supported him and claimed that the Facebook account used to ask for nude pictures were totally fake.

Jacob Sartorius – attacked by a girl!

So basically, we all thrive to meet our ideal celebrity icon and when we do get the chance, we take autographs and selfies with them. But this girl named Claudia Erazo, she crossed all limits to smack on Jacob’s head and run as fast as she could. Poor Jacob was all ready to pose for the camera but what he got in return was a big “thud” on the back of his head.

Jacobs’ fans were furious and used Instagram as well as Twitter to share their anger.

Meanwhile, Claudia herself posted a picture on Twitter which captioned “We’re cool now” where she is found to be taking a selfie with guess who?? The famous celeb she smacked down – Jacob Sartorius. Well, Jacob was kind enough to forgive his fan!

Youtube heartthrob Jacob – Single or has a Girlfriend?

Jacob is mostly seen to be a rather interactive personality since he spends quite much time with his fans during his tours or visits.


Meeting you guys lights up my day

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My family 

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But recently, on August 5, he posted a photo on Twitter which captioned: When all you friends are in a relationship but you are just a raspberry…(With a snap chat filter of course!)