Is YouTuber Loren Gray Dating? Know about her Boyfriend, Past Relationship and Affairs

With a perfect sexy figure and cute face, Loren Gray attracted millions of fans. Now, people are keen to know about YouTuber Loren Gray dating life. People are curious and excited to know whether Gray is single or dating.


Loren Gray is best known for her account "lorengray" where she has over 18 million followers. She is also equally famous on YouTube, Instagram, and YouNow. Today, let's dig deeper into her private life that includes her dating history and past affairs.

Is YouTuber Loren Gray dating?

Loren Gray is known as Loren Beech on social media. She is pretty, sexy and gorgeous thus her millions of fans are quite excited and curious to know if she is single or dating at the moment. Also, you might know that Gray started dating from a very young age.

While checking her Instagram, there is no one to claim as her boyfriend. Moreover, there are no any rumors and headlines of her current dating life. Thus, as per sources, she is single and not dating anyone at this particular time.

CAPTION: Loren Gray
SOURCE: Instagram

Gray is very active on the social media like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, YouNow and She posted a picture with Mark Thomas. But hey let me make you clear. They are only best friend nothing more than that. Thomas posted a picture of Gray and captioned it as "best friend."

Loren Gray's Past Affairs

Gray has been involved in several relationships and suffered from multiple of heartbreaks too. She first dated Joey Kisluk. According to sources, the couple started dating in August 2015. Their love was named as "Joren."

CAPTION: Joey Kisluk and Loren Gray Joey Kisluk and Loren Gray SOURCE: global

The couple also had a joint Instagram account in name joeyxloren and had over 180k followers. Sadly, the couple broke up in June 2016. Now, their joint Instagram account does not have any posts. The couple took Instagram and Twitter to convey their fans about their breakup.

Soon after Gray's break up with Kisluk, she started dating Puerto Rican web star, Juwan Roman. Roman is best known as Geo or Flamingoes.

The couple started dating in August 2016 but the relationship lasted for only three months, and the couple broke up in November 2016. She revealed her breakup on her Twitter:

Once back in July 2016, there were rumors about her relationship with Mark Thomas. But later, they revealed that they are just good friends nothing more than that.

Back in January 2017, there were the headlines about her dating life with Harvey Cantwell. Sources claim that they are just good friends and were together on tour. Also, Cantwell and gray did not reveal anything about it.

Ten Facts about Loren Gray

1. Loren Gray was born on April 19, 2002, and is 16 years old.
2. Loren Gray was born in Pennsylvania, United States.
3. Loren Gray's birth sign is Aries.
4. Loren Gray signed with Virgin Records in March 2018.
5. Loren Gray has a half-sister named Jordan.
6. Loren Gray's two dogs names are Angel Pom and Smudge Pom.
7. Loren Gray has been on the cover of Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine.
8. Loren Gray's nationality is American.
9. Loren Gray dated Joey Kisluk.
10. Loren Gray was also in a relationship with Juwan Roman.