American YouTuber Roman Atwood's Net Worth and salary, Details on career, Property, and Awards

In today’s world social sites like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have been a major source of income for thousands of people. Some of the top richest YouTubers worldwide are Daniel Middleton ($16.5m), Evan Fong (15.5m), Dude Perfect ($14m), Markiplier ($12.5m), Logan Paul ($12.5m), etc.


Today in this article, we are going to talk about one of those YouTubers who has been able to earn a handsome amount only through his YouTube account. He is none other than Roman Atwood. From this article, you guys will have full information on how the YouTuber earns his income, how his lifestyle is and how many awards he has won till date?

Roman Atwood’s net worth and salary

One of the professional American pranksters Roman Atwood has made a huge sum of money through YouTube. One of his best pranks is when he turned the house into a fast food chain style ball pit. He did it for the kids when his wife was away. His another best prank is when he pretended to kill their kid and did the worst husband in the world prank.

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[ CAPTION: Blowing up my kid prank ]
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Roman’s YouTube channel has more than 10m subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 1 billion times. He created his YouTube account back on 18th November 2009 and has achieved a huge success since then. His total net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million.

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Talking about his salary, his estimated yearly earnings is around $22.7K to $362.7K whereas his monthly earnings is estimated to be between $1.9K and $30.2K. In the last 30 days, he has added 16,229 subscribers and his videos have been viewed 7,556,186 times.

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Roman Atwood’s career, property, and awards

Roman has uploaded over 120 videos since 2009. Some of his famous pranks are Plastic Ball Prank which he uploaded on 18th January 2015. Another prank is called Anniversary Prank which he uploaded on 20th November 2013. One of his famous pranks is Killing my kid Prank which he uploaded on 30th November 2014, the video has reached over 50 million views.

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[ CAPTION: Roman Atwood ]
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He lives a luxurious life in his house situated in Ohio. Till date, he has won several awards as well. Atwood was nominated for 4th Streamy Awards for his pranks. He was also nominated for 6th Streamy Awards for the category Entertainer of the Year. Besides nominations, he has two awards to date. One is 4th Streamy Awards for his Pranks and the other is 8th Shorty Awards for the category YouTube Comedian.