Age 48, Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones's Net Worth and Lifestyle

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most talented actresses born on a poor family with a modest background, but all of it changed after the family suddenly won £100,000 in a bingo competition just like in movies.


Winning the lottery made it pretty easy to initiate to the acting world as she had a huge family support. Starting her career at a young age of 16, she is now a well accomplished all rounded actor and has a huge fan base. All her fans are interested to know her lifestyle. So, keep scrolling for a quick summary of her net worth, salary, earnings, cars, and houses.

Catherine Zeta-Jones' Net worth and Salary

As of 2018, the estimated net worth of Catherine Zeta-Jones is around $45 million. She has earned a huge amount of net worth through her amazing performance in the Hollywood movies. Catherine also enjoys a pretty luxurious life with her famous and rich husband Michael Douglas.

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Catherine is one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses who has been in the acting field since her childhood. She is the perfect example of the talent groomed well.

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She started her career in stage plays and over time she proved herself a versatile actress who could perform well in every situation. According to reports, she charged a whopping $10 million as salary for the famous movie The Legend of Zorro which was released in 2005.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Movies Earnings

In order to give you the better idea of how Catherine collects her net worth, we will have a look at her successful movies. Here are the top ten most successful movie of Catherine along with the total revenue that they have earned.

1. Chicago                                                  $170,687,518
2. Ocean's Twelve                                       $125,544,280
3. Traffic                                                    $124,115,725
4. The Mask of Zorro                                  $94,095,523
5. America’s Sweethearts                            $93,607,673
6. The Legen of Zorro                                 $46,464,023
7. The Haunting                                         $91,411,151
8. Entrapment                                           $87,704,396
9. The Terminal                                         $77,872,883
10. Red 2                                                  $53,262,560

She has endorsed in the number of popular brands over than a year too. She also secured an endorsement deal with a cell phone company which reportedly earned her over $20 million.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Endorsements deals

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CAPTION: Catherine Zeta-Jones Dels SOURCE: Business Insider

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In addition, she had also endorsed Di Modolo, Alfa Romeo, Lux-Unilever, Elizabeth Arden, and various other products.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Cars, house, and Lifestyles

Catherine owns a number of luxurious cars and loves to drive Jaguar XJR, Camero GT-5, and a Range Rover which totals a sum of $203,334. Meanwhile, she also owns a jet and a Yacht; doesn't it make her one of the richest actors in Hollywood?

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As for her house, she and her husband own quite a few houses around the world. Catherine is the owner of the beautiful house in Bedford, Westchester, New York. The total area of this property is about 1,458 square foot which features 8 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, Tennis court, and a Steam Room which she bought for a whopping $11.5 million.

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CAPTION: Catherine Zeta-Jones House
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The couple also bought a villa for £36 million in Majorca which is spread in a 247-acre country estate in Puerto Valldemossa which boats a gym, home cinema, vineyard, and Donald Trump scarecrow.

Ten Facts about Catherine Zeta-Jones 

1.  Catherine is a Welsh actress.
2. She began her career at the age of 12 with the lead role in Annie.
3. She started in the number of American and British television series.
4. Catherine came to the prominence with the role in Hollywood movies such as The Mask of Zorro.
5. Catherine brother helped with her production company
6. Her dancing and singing ability suggested by a promising future.
7. She starred in an episode of American television series The Young Indian Jones Chronicles.
8. Jones was featured in the television commercial for the German Deutsche Bahn at the age of 21.
9. She received a Tony Award for the Best Leading Actress in Musical for A Little Night Music.
10. She married Michael Douglas.