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Michelle Obama Follows Melania Trump And Donald Trump

March 16, 2018
First published on:March 15, 2018
by arjun

Former first lady Michelle Obama Follows current first lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump but received no follow back on Twitter.


Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama follows both Melania Trump and Donald Trump but it’s sad she received no follow back on her Twitter account.

Michelle Obama has two twitter accounts. She has followed Melania Trump in her personal account and President Trump in another account First Lady-Archived.

CAPTION: Michelle Obama Follows Melania Trump And Donald Trump SOURCE: Twitter
CAPTION: Michelle Obama Follows Melania Trump And Donald Trump SOURCE: Twitter

Are Michelle and Melania trying to make balance following each other husband which is unclear?Melania seems interested in Barack Obama Twitter only not her wife that is why among her five followers it includes former president Obama. 

when Jimmy Kimmel revealed Melania DMs to Obama, her purpose was crystal clear.

The thing is why she has used two different accounts and followed Melania and President Trump.

Michelle has altogether 15 followers including Melania in her personal twitter and 27 including President Trump in First lady-Archived. The surprising thing former first lady has 10.4 million and 7.6 million follow back but no sign of both Trumps. Looks like they have ignored her on Twitter.

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Michelle seems an American who knows to follow but don’t aspects a follow back, which looks impressive behavior.

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