Kanye West Slammed by Chicago for supporting President Donald Trump

When Kanye West is putting the man responsible for the death of his beloved mother on his album cover as an act of forgiveness, Chicago is upset with him. The city is actually upset with West, and the city wants him to call out President Donald Trump instead of being his friend or say supporter.


His people are distraught and disappointed with the rapper. Though they have always loved and supported him, they just can’t now defend his support of President Trump.

Recently, West was seen publicly supporting Trump “reprehensible” and now his fans blasts for him for supporting someone who has brought a lot of harm to people regarding the color.

Experts say Kanye West can now make it up to the Chicago people by meeting face to face with the people in his city who are actually hurt by Trump and reconnecting with them.

For your information; Kanye West is planning to launch Donda Social; an organization ot help hundreds of thousands of struggling Chicago residents. Will this help?