Vanessa Trump Separating ways from Donald Trump Jr

Vanessa Trump separating ways from Donald Trump Jr has filed for divorce on 15 March 2018 in Manhattan Supreme Court.


Trump’s family trusted body is decreasing one by one first spokesperson Hope Hicks now Vanessa Trump

CAPTION: Vanessa Trump Separating ways from Donald Trump Jr SOURCE: nydailynews

The former model Vanessa filed for the divorce against President Trump eldest son Donald Trump Jr. late Thursday. The separation news was announced by the couple in a joint statement.

The pair told, “After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways”.

They added despite the separation we will have tremendous respect for one another and family member. We have five lovely children and they will always be our top priorities. And the duo has asked for privacy in such difficult time.

CAPTION: Vanessa Trump Separating ways from Donald Trump Jr and their  five children are in the top priorities SOURCE: Instagram

According to NewYork daily news, Vanessa has filed for an uncontested proceeding that means she will not be fighting for children custody with her ex-husband.

Expert lawyers assumed that the President Trump’s son and daughter-in-law have a prenuptial agreement.  Michael Stutman a divorce lawyer who is not related to the Trumps divorce case told “Prenuptial agreement and confidentiality agreement is in the Trump dynasty DNA.”

The former couple met in 2003 when President Trump introduces his son with Vanessa at a fashion show and got married after two years.

A source reported the couple was having marital problems related to Donald Trump Jr. controversial tweet and travels.