CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Robert Swan Mueller III Has To Reach High Bar To Bring President Donald Trump Down

CNN’s Chris Cuomo says Robert Swan Mueller III who is trying to prove President Trump and Russian links in the 2016 election campaign has to meet higher wall in order to bring the president down.


CNN’s Chris Cuomo acknowledges Robert Muller is facing batter beyond his reach to expose whether President Trump and his team colluded with Russian interference in the 2016 campaign or not on New Day, Monday, May 8.


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Cuomo believes Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is pressurizing on the special counsel with his recent media attack and concludes it will difficult for Muller to lead the investigation keeping in mind the tactic that will be demonstrated by the opponent team in the court.

You have Giuliani who is specialized in law and very much intact. Talking about his political instinct is something we can debate about the whole day. And the president is very much happy with him. That’s the litmus test in terms of whether you’re going to keep seeing him on TV,” Cuomo told on New Day.

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The strategy is clear, Giuliani is going say Mr. Prosecutors that he will not provide straight take on fact and leave them to decide what, when and why- especially when it comes to a violation.

Cuomo said, “They’re going to have to show his intentionality.” And concluded adding “very high bar in the law.”