Young Americans March For Our Lives while Trump March For Mar-a-Lago, Not A Tweet Worthy

Many Americans March For Our Lives but President Trump remained silent in Mar-a-Lago. He didn’t even make a tweet. While some American headed towards Washington but the main occupant was somewhere else.


President Donald Trump spends his days in Florida while most of the young American was busy in the rally. After the completion of the demonstration, he stayed silent at the Trump International Golf Club in the west and did even made a comment in Tweet.

They chanted loud against the gun violence that has taken several student life in Florida shooting and will take in near future. The march was for the one which the US citizen voted and help him win now they want their president to listen to their voice for gun control.

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Instead, Lindsay Walters, White House Spokeswoman Lindsay issuing a statement said she praises the march and marchers. She continued, we applaud those all American citizens who joined it and it’s the top priority of our president to keep every child safe.

Like, wish former president Barack Obama wrote “ Michelle and I are so inspired by all the young people who made today’s marches happen. Keep at it. You’re leading us forward. Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change.”

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American praised for every word that he wrote and some commented our true president and other supported with likes.

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CAPTION: Young Americans March For Our Lives while Trump March For Mar-a-Lago, Not A Tweet-Worthy SOURCE: Twitter

Talking about president Trump, he kept himself within gulf and building walls talks on Twitter. Many have expected the following days will be the tweet related to the march but the first Sunday tweet was all about France attack followed by Wall on the Mexican border.