John Oliver: Trump Vs The World

John Oliver is back on Last Week Tonight and calls its president Trump vs the world.


John Oliver took President Trump’s foreign policy to kick-start the fifth season of the Last Week Tonight. After looking at it he discovers the repeating phrase “America First”.  

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The American first policy always stood first and Oliver argues that Trump take it really seriously and called other country s***holes which have made the American reputation suffer.John Oliver is back on Last Week Tonight and calls its president Trump vs the world.

As per Oliver “U.S is continually losing the foreign policy wonks call soft power”. He describes it as the country brand that includes all from diplomatic movements to pop culture.

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Oliver tells it’s Trump’s statement delivered on the world stage that has suffered American world median belief to sink. He added, it will be equivalent to handover Matt Lauer in the new franchise of Wonder Woman and replace Gal Gadot.

The television host focus that Trump has minimal interest in the nation soft power due to his words “I’m the only one that matters”.  The mantra “America First” has opened leadership problem for the allies around the globe.

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Being an immigrant Oliver describes his love towards America and wants to give hand to retain the country reputation.