Laura Ingraham Tells Anti-NRA Pressure has ‘Kicked A Hornet’s Nest’

Delta Airlines, AVIS, MetLife and other companies cut ties with NRA and by ceding has added anti-NRA pressure. Ingraham in her The Ingraham Angles warned every company that cut ties with NRA.


Atlanta-based Delta stood first to announce they have closed the discounts offers to NRA members in the wake of Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting.    

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According to her, the step has cost Delta millions, as Georgia’s Lt. Governor Casey Cagle made a great effort to Delta to strip fuel-related tax.

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In the Angle, she revealed that Delta CEO Ed Bastian responded to Ingraham and he told that his company was now evaluating its ties with all political divisive nature whether to end group discount or not.

“From gun to the expression, In God We Trust, the left’s assault on tradition never lets up. Now they want to remove our national motto from a government building. We’ll debate on The Ingraham Angle” Ingraham wrote on Twitter.

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The company who has cut ties and following anti-gun rhetoric have “kicked a hornet’s nest” says Ingraham.