Why Google, Apple, Amazon, And Uber Making Health Care A Big Issue

Some of the biggest and popular brands in the U.S are making big moves on the health care issue.


Reputed and biggest company Google, Apple, Amazon, and Uber are taking bigger steps in the health care. The blue chips of Silicon Valley-In past couple of weeks Google, Apple, Amazon, and Uber revealed that they are interested in disrupting the industry that has bedeviled us with increasing costs & inefficiencies for many years.

Google’s sibling under parent company Alphabet is watching over Medicaid market. Apple is planning a system to sleek medical clinics. Amazon making surprise set up with Warren Buff & JPMorgan.  While Uber wants to take over ambulance services.

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 It will be real quick to imagine a world run by famous tech companies where we receive benefits statement from Google after diagnosed by a doctor at Apple clinic, getting prescribe medicine by health staff in our Amazon Prime account and calling Uber but not an ambulance if we want to go to the hospital.

But surely something different is going to happen. Although it may not be that early as we think.

Google Improving The Medical Record Mess

Google has systemized the world’s search result and jumped into medical information. Google developed a new tool to support health institutions to solve record mess. The Google cloud is addressing via a new API.

It pulls together the scattered medical information like x-ray and medical information.

“I see the impact that availability of data can have in medicine, and the need for it is urgent,” told Google cloud’s vice president of healthcare Greg Moore.

He continued, providing data to doctor, patient and caregiver is the key and that is the reason for excitement.

Apple Says Healthcare At Your Finger Tip

Apple can help healthcare provider to give the best of the best care if you carry powerful intuitive gadget. Our technology will provide efficient service whether the patient is in the hospital or connected remotely.

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Apple tells it to work more humanly and transforms the way medical staff works with their patient. The iOS device provides access to patient data and doctor can take advantage of it where a patient can continuously get informed about his health status.

Amazon, JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway collaboration For Affordable Health Care

The Amazon, JPMorgan & Berkshire Hathaway forming a powerful collaboration to transform Healthcare in long run but on short notice.

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 The 2018 world richest Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos teamed with 3rd riches Berkshire CEO Warren Buffet including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to reduce the rising cost of healthcare.

“A hungry tapeworm on the American economy,” says Buffett.

Google’s cloud is competing with Microsoft Azure huge investment & Amazon web services in the health sector. The big tech companies are really attracted to this new opportunity.

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How is Uber Expanding Health Transportation?

Uber is introducing new health facility that will remove transportation obstacles in health care. Its new program is to provide a reliable, safe and comfortable transportation for a patient.  In a year nearly 3.6 million patients miss their appointments and it is due to transportation barriers.

The coordinator or patient themselves can schedule the rides. In fact, they can make 30 days advance schedule or call at the moment they want. Further, it doesn’t need apps you can just leave a message and receive the service.

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Today, more than 100 health care centers in America are using the Uber transportation facility including hospital, home care centers, rehab institution and many more.