Lenovo And Amazon May Shake Hands on it's Upcoming Project, It reportedly will be a smash hit 

According to the Business Insider, Tabloid sales is shrinking globally and there are various reasons behind it. As people are nowadays more interested in Androids, and at the same time windows are failing to satisfy it's tab users it is getting worse every passing day.

Recently after Apple failed to deliver it's holiday deliveries it has also seen a fall in the graph. Despite Huawei and Samsung capitalized on Apple's failed deadline they couldn't necessarily capitalize on one item "the Tabloid".

But here is a good news for all tablet fans, Amazon is now the fastest-growing global tablet vendor, both proportionally and in absolute terms. The first in the line Tab seller Amazon may shake hands with Lenovo which may help Lenovo aimed increase in its Tablet sales.

[ CAPTION: World Wide Tablet shipment since 2010 ][ SOURCE: Business Insider ]

As of now, Amazon's graph for Tablet sales have increased and its product is honestly getting famous among all the online sales store like Apple and Samsung. It's currently at the third place but if the graphs of these two producers keep falling it surely will climb up to the 1st position.

And this seems a perfect time for Lenovo to hammer their idea and shake hands with the seller.

Lenovo may be the most vulnerable to this expansion. PC is not growing and tablet growth is weaker than Amazon or Huawei. Its a fact that Laptops and PC sales from Lenovo is at its pick and on the top Laptop, PC and cellphone sales are the greatest while compared to other products ie: 60% of the total revenue unit for Lenovo comes from the company's pc/cellphone sales whereas only 40% of the rest is covered by numerous other gadgets. So, hopefully, Amazon can get the needed graph filled up after it releases it's all new Tab line.