Apple CEO Tim Cook In Media For missing Product Deadlines, It's going from Quiet Some Time Now

January 31, 2018
First Published On: January 8, 2018

Tim Cook is on the roster again after Apple failed to is lunch it's product on time once again. He again got caught under criticism from analysts and market commentators, after continuously missing the shipping dates, many times. Tim got to the post six years ago after the Apple's founder Steve Jobs left the world.

As of today, many of the apple products including HomePod speaker, Apple’s AirPod headphones,  the Apple Watch, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard all reportedly missed their original shipping dates.

[ CAPTION: Tim Cook is on the roster again ][ SOURCE: Google ]

As per The Wall Street Journal, Apple usually crosses over 23 days on average to ship their products and it has caused the company a huge fall in its profit. 

Before Tim's management, Apple usually was reported to have missed 11 days at most. Some analyst suggests that the long delay has affected Apple sales in an adverse manner as other bigger companies have outed as the second option for buyers.

Apple misses out the holiday seasons' sell and was unable to deliver his customers the smart speaker, HomePod disappointing its buyers again. Further, it is not an unknown fact that iPhone X did miss it's release date and was released later than intended. Mr. Tim Cook the company missed its deadline after iPhone X wasn't ready for its lunch hence the company postponed the shipment of iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus back then.

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The frequent failure to meet the deadlines has costed the big Mac-Jient a total of 7.6 percentile point drop in the United States’ market share for smartphones in the October quarter as per Wallstreet Journals.

Though we have heard Apple is trying to take measures to become more directly involved in its production processes and has invested in its Texas-based plant to give time to it's FaceID but the effort looks a little insufficient.