Amazon Prime Exclusive Offer For Prime Members Price Raging Just $2 & $4

Amazon Prime has launched a new program, a whole section dedicated to sample products that you can try just between $2 and $4.  


As we all know Amazon Primes provides several benefits to its member but one that is not advertised heavily by the Amazon is Prime Samples.  

CAPTION: Amazon Prime Exclusive Offer For Prime Members Price Raging Just $2 & $4 SOURCE: Amazon

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Prime Sample is exclusively for Prime members that let its customer buy and enjoy variety sample products between $2 and $4.

Know About Prime Sample

Prime Sample program allows its member to try a sample of various products. You can get your desired sample for $2 or $4. For every purchase, you will be provided a credit card equal to its price. The credits can be used in future to redeem the full-sized product.

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CAPTION: Amazon Prime Exclusive Offer For Prime Members  SOURCE: Amazon

For Example, if you buy a cream sample for $4, you will receive $4 credit that can be used in future to purchase the cream.

Who Can Buy Samples?

As said above the new sample program is available just for Prime members. The offer is not applicable to non-members. If anyone wants to buy the samples, they should sign-up for membership.  

What Kind of product’s Sample Are available?

There is wide-range of samples available like food & beverages, personal care items, beauty product and sports nutrition.  Moreover, the new scheme keeps on adding new samples for it valuable customers.

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You can take advantage of new samples by checking frequently.

How many Sample Can You Buy?

You can purchase as many product’s samples as you need, but a unique sample at one time.

For Example, you bought a berry scented shampoo and wanted to buy one more you cannot purchase it but you can purchase the same shampoo with a different flavor.

What Can you purchase using your Credits?

For every sample purchase, you will be provided equal price credit that you spent to purchase a product’s sample. The credit should be kept safe for future redemption on full sized of the product.

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For example, you purchased a $2 cream you will get $2 credit that can be used on the full-size product but it will be effective only in the product sold and shipped by the Amazon.

How To Get, Find, Redeem Sample Credit?

The credit will be added automatically to your account when you receive your shipment. You can be notified by mail each time you receive a product. 

Once you have credit, placing an eligible product in the cart will automatically use your credit. Furthermore, the credit expires after 180 days of the shipment.

DO It Cost Shipping Charge? Duration Of Sample Arrival?

The shipping charge is completely free and doesn’t include any kind of charge for shipment. It will take 3-5 business days after the customer makes an order.

How to order Sample?

You can find and try a sample here.

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