Who is Michelle Phan's Boyfriend? Is she engaged? Know about her relationships

When life gets hard, utilize the internet, or that is what most of the youth are doing. Social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter has become a platform to enhance and present their skills and American entrepreneur Michelle Phan is one of them. Likewise, Michelle Phan's boyfriend and her engagement rumors are surfed around the internet.


Michelle Phan is a creative make up artist who presents her works via Youtube and never fails to amaze us. But have you known her more than that and ever wondered who this beautiful girl is dating. To find out, stay along the article.

Who is Michelle Phan's Boyfriend?

Michelle Phan is a YouTube blogger with over 8 million followers. Among her follower, she should have a boyfriend who follows her on the social site and as well as in real life. Of course, Michelle is a charm who wouldn't have thought she is dating? Right Folks!!.

[ CAPTION: Michelle Phan Dominique Capraro ][ SOURCE: Ma Nouvelle Vie ]

The 30-year-old icon is dating Swiss dancer Dominique Capraro. Similarly, Michelle and Dominique now have been dating for a couple of years, and it is going smooth and romantic. Despite, there isn't much information about how the couple started to date, some rumors state they met at a party. For fans, they have been way too adorable to handle.

[ CAPTION: Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The duo also of appear in the videos made by Michelle. Also, in the video that says " My Boyfriend does my makeup," Dominique is seen nailing that challenge. With very much limited to their story, they continue to make many memorable moments together which is mostly seen in Michelle Instagram.

YouTube: My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Is Michelle Phan Engaged to Dominique Capraro?

When rumors develop, it just has to catch an issue. May it be good or bad, but then people do not realize that their false alarm raises a lot of question in the public. Recent news that has spread is that Michelle Phan is engaged to her bae, Dominique Capraro. But to what extent is that true? Let's find it out. [ CAPTION: Michelle Phan Dominique Capraro ][ SOURCE: youtube ]

As much as we can assure you guys, no marriage or engagement is happening any soon. That might have shocked Michelle and her boyfriend itself. The couple is spending their time together and living it peacefully. Eventually, if things go right, marriage is an option for them.

[ CAPTION: Michelle Phan Dominique Capraro ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Michelle has been slaying it on YouTube with her hard work and dedication. But there is some point in her life where she nearly quit YouTube for about a year due to depression. On the other hand, she is an idol who came back from struggle and is preparing to re-launch her "Em Cosmetics" which wasn't a success in 2013.

[ CAPTION: Michelle Phan Dominique Capraro ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

With her career in the hike earning a lot of money using YouTube, Now she has a company valued at $500 million. Remember, she is a makeup artist and making the best materials in the cosmetic industry is now has given her brand and fame.

[ CAPTION: Michelle Phan Dominique Capraro ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

At the end of this article, we wish that this female persona will lift her life to an insignificant success. Along with that, we too hope she opens more about her personal life with her handsome boyfriend, Dominique Capraro.

Ten Facts about Michelle Phan

1. Michelle Phan was born on April 11, 1987.
2. Michelle Phan was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
3. Michelle Phan is a comic book creator.
4. Michelle Phan is in a relationship with Dominique Caparo.
5. Michelle Phan was rejected from the make-up world at first.
6. Michelle Phan has Built $500 million company.
7. Michelle Phan has 8.9 million subscribers on her YouTube account as of 6/17/2018.
8. Michelle Phan stands 5 ft 0½ in or 154 cm tall.
9. Michelle Phan weighs around 49 kg or 108 pounds.
10. Michelle Phan nearly quit YouTube due to depression.