American Entreprenuer and Make-up Artist Michelle Phan's Networth

Hey, are you interested in make-up and stuffs? Today, we have Michelle Phan. She is a YouTube celebrity, an Entrepreneur and a make-up artist. But, Michelle is pretty popular with her make-up tutorial videos on YouTube where she has more than 8 million subscribers. Do you have any idea about how much money she makes with her work, her Net worth? Stay with us and you will know almost everything about her.

Michelle Phan, she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and whose Net worth is around $50 million, I know what you are thinking, Hooow?? So, here we go.. Before she started her career, she was the student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Ringling College of Art and Design. Phan has 2 siblings, Christine Phan and Steve Phan. She got involved with her profession in 2005 by starting a blog where she talked about make-up tutorials. After she received many requests from all around the world for further instruction, she then began publishing her tutorial vlogs on YouTube in 2007. Her YouTube channel came in notice when she posted a tutorial on ‘How To Get Lady Gaga’s Eyes’ in 2009 and 2010. This act brought her over a million subscribers on YouTube which is pretty much of a big deal.

Apart from YouTube, she is also an Entrepreneur and an author. She has written a book named ‘Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success—Online and Off’. With this book, Michelle Phan came in notice even more which helped generate her Net worth to half of the peak. The book is available on Amazon and it costs $16.10 for hardcover and $11.99 for Nook Book.

 In 2003; with L’Oreal cosmetics, she was able to make her own make-up line. It was called ‘EM by Michelle Phan’ and its sales helped her with the Net worth from level 50 to level 100. Nonetheless, she is also the Co-founder of Ipsy. You must be wondering what Ipsy is, right? Well, it is a marketplace where you can get infinite beauty product combination and the best items for your needs. And with all of this, in no time, she was a millionaire and was living like a celebrity.


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When Phan was interviewed by Rebecca Jarvis; who is ABC’s chief business and economics correspondent, she revealed that she is in the course of introducing 2 new applications. One is a video and photo editing app, whereas other is the one where her fans can follow up with her life, pretty cool, na? And do you know anything about her car? There are no any reports from media on what she drives; but people have reported that she has been seen in Audi, Mercedes and Prius. Michelle Phan believes that “the second step to success is to gift yourself the right vehicle. Doesn’t matter which vehicle but you have to make a commitment”.