29 Years Old Vikings Cast Jennie Jacques's Net Worth, Earnings, Salary, and Lavish Lifestyle

An Engish actress, Jennie Jacques, who is best known for her role as Annie Miller in the TV series Desperate Romantics and is playing the recurring role of Saxon Queen Judith on the TV series Vikings is going to be a millionaire soon enough.


Starting her career at an early age of 20 since 2009, she has added a lot to her total net worth. Let's have a detailed look at the how much money Jennie has earned and how she spends it to maintain her lifestyle.

Jennie Jacques' Net Worth

The total net worth of the actress Jennie Jacques is reported to be around $900, 000 that means she is near to be a millionaire. As she knows that she is an actress, she has earned all of it through her hard work and passion in acting.

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CAPTION: Jennie Jacques SOURCE: YouTube

Since it has not been long since she started her career, her net worth justifies itself. She just started out her filming career in 2009 appearing as Annie Miller in the six-part Desperate Romantics TV drama serial about Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. And, after that, she has been cast in movies and TV shows like Shank, Cherry Tree Lane, Stanley Park, Love Life, WPC 56, and most recently, Vikings

Jennie Jacques' Lifestyle

As we know that, everyone has a different way of living, Jennie also has her way as she is a nature lover. As we go through her social media, we came to know that, besides her work, she loves to enjoy with nature than any other thing. She spends lots of money for it.

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CAPTION: Jennie Jacques SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Jennie Jacques SOURCE: Instagram

As we see her first picture is about skydiving, the price of skydiving is around $300. Not only that she is also seen doing different thing to enjoy with nature. Seeing this we can say, she is a nature lover and she spends money on those things heartily. 

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CAPTION: Jennie Jacques SOURCE: Instagram

As she is an actress, we also can see her going out for dinner with her co-star in well-renowned places to enjoy friend in free time. 

Jennie Jacques is a proud owner of a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II which is a very expensive photography DSLR. The price of the camera as per the US market is said to be around $5500-$6000. If that's not expensive, then nothing is!

CAPTION: Jennie Jacques SOURCE: Instagram

Well, with all these things, it can be said that she is living her life full of luxuries and having a great time in her newly improved acting skill. 

Top 10 Facts of Jennie Jacques

1. Jennie Jacques was born on 28 February 1989 in Walgrave Hospital.
2. She grew up in Coventry, Leamington & Warwick.
3. Jennie Jacques's net worth of around $900,000.
4. She started out her career in 2009 with her cast as Annie Miller in Desperate Romantics
5. During the two seasons of WPC 56, she played the protagonist role in the TV series. 
6. Her sister has been suffering from epilepsy. 
7. She was one of the seven children of her parents. 
8. Jennie once took part in a one-mile open-water swim conducted by the Epilepsy Society. 
9. She has also taken part in a number of programs conducted by the Epilepsy Society. 
10. She is managed by the Silver Lining Entertainment in LA and BWH, Andrew Braidford in London.