54 Years Old TV Personality John King's Net Worth, Earnings, Career, Achievements, and More

American news anchor John King is CNN’s chief national correspondent and is the former anchor of State of the Union and John King, USA. Working in the high position, no doubt John King is now earning a huge amount of money.


John King began his career as a writer by joining the Associated Press in the year 1985. Since then King has been actively working in several news channels like CNN, Inside Politics, Daily Show, and more. Today, in this particular column, we will let you people know about John King’s net worth, career, achievements, and more:

How much is John King’s Net Worth? Know his Earnings, Salary, and Sources of Income

As mentioned above, John King started his professional career back in 1985. It's been over three decades that King started his professional career. Being active for such a long time, no doubt John King earns a huge amount of money.

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You know, John King is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life, and till the date has not shared any information regarding his net worth and earnings. Though John did not share about his net worth, a couple of gossip mongers claimed that his net worth is around $2 million.

But while talking about his lifestyle and his pictures, it looks like his net worth is over $2 million. However, we can be pretty sure that he is living a lavish lifestyle with luxury.

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He also did not talk much about his earnings and salary. Also, there is no any information about King's house and cars collection. Talking about his sources of income, he might be earning a decent amount of money from his journalism career.

John King’s Career and Achievements

54 years old John King started his professional career after joining the Associated Press in 1985 as a writer. He was named as the chief political correspondent and headed the AP’s political presidential elections’ coverage of 1992 and 1996.

For King's coverage of the Gulf War in Kuwait, he won the top reporting prize in 1991 from Associated Press Managing Editors’ Association.

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It was back in 1997 when he joined CNN and served as the senior White House correspondent from 1991 to 2005. He was named as CNN’s chief national correspondent in 2005. Currently, he anchors the Sunday morning news program titled Inside Politics. He also frequently makes his appearances on the nightly news programs The Situation Room and Anderson Cooper 360.

In the 2009 US presidential inauguration, King started hosting his new talk show “State of the Union” which was later replaced by CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. After Lou Dobbs’ suddenly resigned from the network on November 12, 2009, CNN announced that John would take over Dobbs’ timeslot in early 2010.

On January 31, 2010, John announced that Candy Crowley would replace him on State of the Union. Then, King started hosting his new weeknight show named John King USA on March 22, 2010. King was the CNN anchor who confirmed the death of Osama bin Laden.

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In early 2012, John King, USA was canceled and the final episode was aired on June 29, 2012.

Ten Facts about John King

1. John King was born on August 30, 1963, and is 54 years old.
2. John King started his professional career in 1985.
3. John King's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.
4. John King was first married to wife Jean Makie.
5. John King was secondly married to wife Dana Bash in 2008 and got separated in 2012.
6. John King is the father of three children.
7. John King joined CNN in 1997.
8. John King's show John King, USA got canceled in early 2012.
9. Before marrying Bash, King converted to Judaism.
10. John King currently anchors Inside Politics.