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December 15, 2015
First published on:December 15, 2015
by John

John King, one of the most popular journalist in America, split with his wife a while back after just four years of marriage. He has finally opened up about the divorce. John and his former wife Dana Bash have one child from their four years of marriage.

Sources claim that John mentioned that the marriage began to fall apart soon after their child was born. Just three months after welcoming their child into the world, John and Dana began living separately. Sources have also said that John might have accused Dana of bearing someone else’s child.

However, in a joint public statement given by the couple, they said that the divorce was agreed upon with mutual consent by both parties. They also confessed that the process was “very difficult” and it was an outcome neither party wanted, but it was the only option on the table.

The whole outcome of the marriage shocked the world as John is said to have loved his wife Dana a lot. He even converted to his wife’s religion, Judaism, before marrying her. Sources claim that John was devastated by the divorce and refused to come in to work for at least a week.

However, John is now okay working with his former wife and has even worked with her on a number of projects.  John and Dana first announce that they were dating in 2007, although they were known to date secretly long before they officially announced the news.

John and Dana both were previously married to other people. For both of them, it was their second marriage. They have a son together named Jonah, was born on June 2011. His parents separated exactly ten months after his birth.

On a professional level, John has one of the most illustrious careers in American journalism today. He is known for being one of the first journalists to report world changing events. In the past, he was the foremost reporter of the Gulf wars.

In recent years he was the first to report the Boston bombings. In the Boston bombings report, he was the first to spread the news of identification of the suspects. When the police were finally able to capture the suspect, they thanked John for spreading the word and helping the police bring an end to the horrific matter as fast as possible.

John is also the recipient of various prestigious journalism awards like the prestigious Pulitzer.

John currently is reporting on the upcoming 2016 American presidential election.

He is one of the most followed news anchors in America. On Twitter and Instagram alone he has over 400 K followers. He is a regular Twitter user and can be followed @JohnKingCNN.

John makes about $400,000 dollars a year in salary and his net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million dollars.

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