Top Seven DC Comic Book of all Time

DC has many comic book characters and some of them are the well known comic character of all time. And these comic characters have translated as the superhero, either Batman or Superman. So here’s the list of top seven comic books of all time. 


With some of the powerful comic character, DC has its first superhero in Superman, and also the best known female hero in Wonder Woman. So without any delay let’s know top 7 comic books of all time. Let’s get started.

Top Seven DC comic Book of all Time

An American comic book publisher, DC is one of the largest and oldest America comic book companies. Well the name DC came from the popular series Detective Comic, featured in a debut of Batman and then subsequently it became the part as the part of the company name.

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7. Crisis on Infinite Earths

An American comic book published by DC Comic, Crisis on Infinite Earths, was written by Marv Wolfman. It is the comic story which changed the universe of Dc forever because it was a multiverse catastrophe which gives rise to in the destruction of uncountable parallel universes and then recreating a real single matter universe at the dawn of time.

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6. All-star Superman

One of the twelve-issue American comic books, All-star Superman was published by DC Comic. After the amazing creative team writer join forces, they take Superman back to basic and then again created a new version of the world’s first superhero.

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5. Identity Crisis

One of the seven-issue comic book published by DC Comic, Identity Crisis was ranked 1st in comic book sale with pre-order sales of 163, 111.The story starts with the death of Elongated Man's wife, Sue Dibny.

And the message sent shockwaves throughout the whole superhero community as remaining characters began to get murdered, such as longtime Captain Boomerang, Flash villain, and Jack Drake, father of Time Drake, also known as Robin.

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4. The Coyote Gospel

The Animal Man came with the five issues into the series in the story called The Coyote Gospel. In the story, Morrison introduced the world to Crafty- former cartoon character which gets sent to the comic book’s world.

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Morrison made Crafty an allegory for Christ as he was made to suffer in order to bring peace to his people. Most of the comic fans might not think the religious metaphors when they select the book, but Morrison put it in any way and then turn, crafted as one of the most intelligent single issues of a comic book ever.

3. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

One of the successful book at DC, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. And the most memorable story in the whole series was The Judas Contract. It was written by Marv Wolfman, as the story filled everything that a comic book fan could hope: action, intrigue, betrayal of course, and statutory rape.

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2. Batman- The Killing Joke

Batman- The Killing Joke is the DC comic one-shot graphic novel which featured the character, Batman. It was created by Moore, and the story became famous for the Joker as a tragic chapter and The Killing Joke was the most controversial stories ever created in comics. A failed comedian and family man who suffered one bad day and that drove him insane.

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1. Superman for all seasons

Well, there are dozens of Superman’s: Comic books, novels, TV shows, movies, but Superman for all season is the best of all of them. It’s iconic, infinitely and nostalgic relatable because the writer Jeph Loeb Cherry picked the one of the best of best from past movies and comics to flawlessly illustrate that how Clark Kent became a Superman.

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Superman For All Seasons was praised by fans and critics as the reader found that it was the message and theme of the art and writing that hit home.  It was voted for the third comic book published in Japan in Gaiman Award.