Who is Zack Snyder? Know about Batman Vs Superman

We cannot deny the fact that batman vs superman is a world class movie. Well, Zack Snyder, an American filmmaker is best known for his action movies. He came to highlight with the remake of the horror movie Dawn of the Dead in 2004.

People actually knew him as one of the best directors by the release of the fiction film, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Jack Synder has not failed to give the taste people want from the Hollywood action movies. It’s a movie with amazing action scenes and super visuals. Let’s talk more about the movie now.

Zack Snyder


The Review of the Movie was not that Good.

The movie was officially released on March 20. Let me first tell you that the budget of the movie was $250 million. But you will be surprised to know that the box office collection was $872.7 million. It’s huge, right? Jack Snyder says that Batman vs Superman is a sequel.

However, the review of the movie was not that good. The movie was rated three stars by the independent. Zack addressed the negative reviews in reception where he had no idea that the reviews of the movie would be so bad.

You can watch this exclusive interview about the movie to get more details.

Though the highest grossing movie of the year was Captain America that year. Both the movies possess the similar kind of story where the heroes have some superpower. But Captain America was a huge success in comparison with Batman vs Superman.

Captain America and Batman vs Superman


Batman vs Superman. Success or Failure?

It seems very simple for common people to assume whether the movie was a hit or not. We just subtract the budget of the movie from the box office collection. It seems like a huge success for us if we do it like that. But we do not include the cost of marketing.

If we include the marketing cost then the box office collection should be thrice than the cost of production. We can say that the movie was a success but not as much as expected.

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Batman vs Superman trailer posture


Well, Zack Snyder is up for something new. The upcoming movie of Snyder is targeted to hit the blockbuster hard. Some of his upcoming movies are Justice League (2017), Wonder Woman (2017), Aquaman (2018) and Justice league part II (2019).