Filmmaker Zack Snyder, age 49, announces the premier of his Batman vs Superman movies in Mexico city

World renowned Hollywood action and science fiction director Zack Snyder, who directed the highly anticipated new DC Comic Movie Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice has chosen a premier venue for the movie to be New Mexico City.

Warner Bros. and Director Zach Snyder announced in an interview that Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice will make its debut next month in New Mexico City, according to the

The film stars some of the world’s biggest movie icons, they will all be walking the red carpet in New Mexico City. Zach Snyder announced that Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will premiere on March 19, 2016 at the Auditorio Nacional in New Mexico City.

He also went on to announce that all the stars of the movie are going to join in the red carpet. It is going to be an exciting night of all the Batman and Superman fans. He also said that it’s going to be absolutely fantastic to see all the fans there and he can’t wait for the fans in New Mexico to find out who wins the greatest gladiator battle in history.

This announcement video was officially tweeted by the Warner Bros. Mexican Twitter account with a link of the video announcement. It is Batman Vs Superman, God Vs man, the world is going to wrestle in what kind of hero it needs, and spoiler alert, it may just be Batman.  With the world’s greatest superheroes at war, the world faces a new enemy who is going to protect the world. Is it going to be Batman or Superman or do they join hands?

Nevertheless, it is good news for Batman and Superman fans in New Mexico City, as the rest of the world is only going to see the movie when it hits theaters in 25th March.

Zachary Edward “Zack” Snyder is a well known Hollywood director. He is best known for directing Action and Science Fiction movies. He is currently at the age of 49 and is married to Debora Sunder, who also works in the Film Industry as a feature film producer. She also produces TV shows and commercials.

The couple has a son named Eli Snyder who has starred in movies directed by his father Zack such as 300 and Sucker Punch. Zack’s wife produces movies. It seems like the whole Snyder family is well known in the industry for working together.

The American Director’s recognizable works include Dawn of the Dead (200) and 300 (2006) which starred highly respected actor like Gerard Butler. He is known for directing DC comic movies such as Man of Steel and is set to direct the Justice League movie.

The famous director is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $22 million Us Dollars, which is expected to rise significantly when Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice premiers.