Batman Telltale Game, Plot, Choices and Expected Villains

Batman TellTale Series is the most waited episodic game developed by Telltale Games, based on Bill and Bob Batman comic series. The game is to be distributed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The game has no ties to previous games and movies.

The developers of Batman Game earned popularity through The Wolf among Us, The Walking Dead and Games of Thrones that collected numerous fans and critics. But, this series would be something more, something extra that never existed before. This time, the game would be a periodic launch, a movie within a game and an Artificial Intelligence that allows user to play with the decision they make.

This episodic series is similar to virtual digital Batman comic book. This series features a cast of talent, Mr Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne, Enn Reitel as Wayne’s Butler Alfred Pennyworth, Murphy Guyer as James Gordon including Richard McFonagle, Laura Bailey, Tarvis Willingham, Erin Yvette and also Renee Montoya.

Batman Telltale Game Plot

Enter the split mind of Wayne, a Gotham billionaire and discover the extensive moments you choose being a Dark Knight. You will be able to discover the ups and downs of Wayne’s world and explore through the corrupted Gotham city.

Choice of Choices

The future of Gotham City would be in your hands! You will be the one who will decide the positive or negative future of Wayne as well as the city.

You will be new in character as well as personality. The tied character of Batman exists no more! You will be on your own who write new present, and future of a billionaire playboy, his personal life, a personality of detective and his dark persona, Batman!

How Batman Telltale Game would be like?

The player will play as the hero; well, not in this game. The player will have access to the normal along with the dark identity, being Bruce Wayne and Batman both. The CEO of Telltale Games, Mr Kevin Burner explained that the game offers player to play with the normal man-life situation along with the superhero role. The game set is few years after Wayne steps in to the Superhero play to make the game more flexible, so that player could play without altering the fact of being Wayne as Batman. The game also features a pre-made narration to the story, and the options for every situation that affects the game later. This game would be a brand new detective game, where the player will play Batman not for just entertainment but also for the discovery.

Expected Villians


Joker is the oldest villain in the Batman series. Joker could be one villain in this game. The white face with long red mouth, black eyes and dressed up as gentle joker; we can expect to see this face in the game too.


A contract killer we saw in some Batman movies, Deadshot might be yet another. The trailer of this game showed a party venue same as in Batman movie (cartoon). Deadshot is another probable villain as he carries an armed gun to shoot from far away.


Well ScareCrow isn’t much of villain if he does not have his infective medicine. Still, he might appear in the game as another villain.

New Villain

Why always old? New villain also might show up. Who? Let’s guess, Superman maybe!

Batman Telltale Release Date

Batman comes in five episodes, pretty small? Nope! If this game is most awaited, it must be a big blast. The first episode will be released in 2nd August 2016. Signup for the game now, if you want to play!

The game supports different devices Desktop/Laptop, Mobile/Tablets and Console/TV. You could pre-order this game from Telltale, Steam powered Store and GOG Store.