Tiffany Rivers married childhood love Philip Rivers; Blessed with Eight Children

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American football quarterback for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League Philip Michael Rivers is not only famous for his football skills but also for having the biggest family and the longest-running married relationship with his wife Tiffany Rivers.


With successful professional and personal life, he is always talked around. Today, in this particular column, check the marital life of Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers.

Middle school sweethearts; Tiffany Rivers and Philip Rivers

It is simply unbelievable that Tiffany and Philip started dating since their middle school and still they are together. We must say love does exist in this world we just have to find the right person at right time.

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Philp and his wife TIffany RiversPhilip and his wife Tiffany Rivers      Source:

Both the couple was raised in Decatur, Alabama and the two were in seventh grade when they began dating. They also continued dating even when Philip was moved to Athens, with his family.

Philip also mentioned that when he saw Tiffany for the first time he knew that she was one for him which might be the reason that after the freshmen year at college the couple got married. At the time of their wedding, Philip was 19, and Tiffany was 18-years-old. 

[ CAPTION: Middle school sweethearts Tiffany Rivers and Philip Riv ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

They got married on 18 May 2001. As we all know that Philip is a devout Catholic which is why his ladylove and to-be-wife Tiffany converted to Catholicism before marrying Philip. Well, this is called a true and passionate love.

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Tiffany Rivers married life with Philip Rivers

It's been over seventeen years since the couple got hitched and they were together before that for several years as well, however, we have never heard of a couple dealing with any problems.

Philip and Tiffany RiversPhilip and Tiffany Rivers

Even though they got married early and it seems like there love for each other has not faded away. Philip even said in an interview that he and his wife both are a very simple person and they love to spend time with each other.

It today’s context where people do not have the same kind of passion and faith in love like they used to have we must say Philip and Tiffany are setting one of the best examples.

Tiffany Rivers and Philip Rivers' Children

Tiffany Rivers and Philip Rivers are blessed with eight children in total. They surely have a huge family. Tiffany gave birth to her first child a baby girl named Halle in 2002.

Philip Rivers with his son and three daughters in one of his matchesPhilip Rivers with his son and three daughters in one of his matches

Likewise Tiffany and Philip added a new member to their family and welcomed another baby girl named Clare as their eighth child on 28th October 2015.

This adds to their six other kids: Sarah Catherine, Gunner, Grace, Rebecca, Peter, and Caroline. Currently, the couple has two sons and six daughters and the age of their eldest kid is almost fourteen.

Rivers Hope Foundation

In 2010, Philip and Tiffany started a foundation named "Rivers Hope Foundation", which was mostly aimed to help foster children find permanent families.

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However, the pair closed the foundation in March 2013 because they wanted to help kids without any "Behind the Scenes" drama because of the foundation.

Rivers told NBC San Diego that,

"Tiffany and I have seen great things happen in the last four years with the public foundation and now we want to continue to expand our personal efforts for these purposes. It takes us out of the public eye and puts the kids center-stage".

Philip and Tiffany Rivers is now regarded to be one of the most stable couples in the town. Sharing joys and sorrows together for nearly 17 years, they are still going strong. They are happily enjoying their blissful marital life with their eight children.

Ten Facts about Philip Rivers

1. Philip Rivers was born on December 8, 1981.
2. Philip Rivers was born in Decatur, Alabama, United States.
3. Philip Rivers's dream was to be a musician.
4. Philip Rivers started his professional career in 1994.
5. Philip Rivers was named ACC Player of the Year 2003.
6. Philip Rivers signed a six years contract with San Diego in 2004.
7. Philip Rivers played his 100th career game on  September 30, 2012.
8. Philip Rivers was ranked 46 on NFL Top 100 players in 2016.
9. Philip Rivers married Tiffany Rivers on 18 May 2001.
10. Philip Rivers has worn number 17 jersey since his high school.