Philip Rivers huge net-worth of $50 million. He has a fabulous house in California

May 9, 2017
First Published On: September 30, 2016

Hard work surely pays off and in the case of Phillip Rivers, it pays twice as much the sweat he loses in the football ground. Helping win four AFC West titles for Sandiego Chargers he established himself as a great money deal from the beginning of his career straight out of the college ground.

In 2012 season he stood out to become the seventh fastest quarterback in NFL history too. So,If you ever wonder how much does Philip Rivers makes per year and how much he is worth to Sandiego Chargers we are here with the answer.

We will take an account of all that he owns and spends and the sum up will leave you stoned for a moment for sure. So, without any delay lets take a look at his Yearly income, his mansion, and cars along with his accessories here.

Philip Rivers 34, is a money magnet football player for The famous Sandiego Chargers. The Quarterback for SanDiago chargers has recently extended his contract for four more years in August 2015 for USD $65 million.

When we divide the total amount of his four-year contract by four we find his yearly salary to be 16.24 million USD to be exact.Philip Rivers brings in the San Diego Chargers football uniform not just because he is the best quarterback the team has ever had but also for his luxurious living and a golden contract he holds.

He owns many cars but his favorite one is the Vanquish model of Aston Martin which costs $177899.85 . He also has hummer and SUVs which can occupy his large family the hummer H2 he has costs around $50 thousand and the Suv he drives is around $32 thousand.

He lives a very simple life and has not updated his Dell laptop from ten years as told by his best friend Jake Peavy in an interview.

Now let's move towards the big daddy's house. He is a simple man with few bad boy cars and a huge family but he probably is the owner of the most luxurious house among all NFA players. He owns a beautiful plot of land and building in the north of San Diego at Santaluz development.

The residence has the features six bedrooms, six fully furnished bathrooms, and one-half baths. The courtyard has a fountain and an outdoor fireplace with a built in Barbeque furnace.

A swimming pool with a waterfall and Spa. Moreover, he has a private rose garden right beside his bedroom which allows his wife to open her eyes to a rose garden that sounds more adorable than gifting her with a bucket of rose every time he steps into his home.

As a football player, the only thing that is in his possession in the huge residence he owns is a full bar and a wine cellar along with a built-in library and a properly managed media room where he watches his football games. The room is everything for him where he calls his fellow teammates and watches baseball and football games.

So how much do you think he paid for this luxurious palace? 

Well, he paid USD$ 3.299 million dollars when he bought the house in mid of 2009 with 4.2 acres land and a 70's style villa. The house is worth 5.68 million dollars now. So, if we add up all his cars, home and four years contract in his net worth sums up exactly as USD 70,939,899.8 Or roughly around 71 million dollars.

The husband of sexy Tiffany Rivers is not only rich in the material sense only, he has Eight children with his beloved wife which makes him rich in terms of having children as well.

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