Five interesting facts about Philip Rivers

An American football quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers, Philip Rivers is the ultimate Charger who has been with his team more than a decade. So let’s know some of the interesting facts about Philip Rivers.


Philips was voted as Chargers Most Valuable Player for the season of 2014 with a passer's rating more than 120 in the five consecutive games. Here are five facts which you need to know about NFL player Philip Rivers.

Five facts you need to know about Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers was born on 8 December 1981 in Decatur, Alabama. His father was the head coach of a football team, and his mother was a teacher. In the year 1994, when Philip was in 7th grade, he started in an official game and established himself as the best prep passer in Alabama.

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Philip Rivers- Has No Intention of Relocating to Los Angeles

It just takes Philip 160 min to commute from his home- San Diego to the team’s practice facilities in Orange Country but this Chargers quarterback player, Philips doesn’t have any further plan to relocate closer to the franchise.

[ CAPTION: Philip Rivers- Has No Intention of Relocating to Los An ][ SOURCE: Sporting News ]

In fact, Philip said that his communication went great for the season. And it looks as if his decision to stay in San Diego seems that he wants to keep his family life the same that he finds his way to maintain balance his professional life.

Philip Rivers- Played for Chuck Amato’s team

When Philip completed his high school, he attended North Carolina State University. He played for his coach Chuck Amato’s team- NC State Wolfpack football. Chuck Amato is an American former player and football coach.

[ CAPTION: Philip Rivers- Played for Chuck Amato’s team ][ SOURCE: StateFans Nation ]

In the spring of 2000, Philips suited up for the practice as a college quarterback. He leads NC State and set won the game which was against Minnesota in Tangerine Bowl.

Philip Rivers- Signed a 6-year contract with San Diego Chargers

Back in 2004, Philips signed six-years contract of $40.5 million with the San Diego Charges- the professional American football team best known as the Los Angeles Chargers, which includes $14.5 million in signing bonuses.

[ CAPTION: Philip Rivers- Signed a 6-year contract with San Diego ][ SOURCE: ]

But due to the protracted contract negotiation with San Diego Charges, Philip reported to the team in the last week of training camp and retrain his starting job. He began the 2nd season as the Charger’s 3rd quarterback option.

Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany have been together since 7th grade

Philip and Tiffany began dating when they were in 7th grade. When Philip moved to Athens, they continued their relationship. And after finishing their respective 1st year in college, they tied the knot in 2001.

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[ CAPTION: Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany been together since ][ SOURCE: ]

And till the date of their marriage, Philip is the father of eight children. Among eight children, 6 are daughters; Halle, Sarah Catherine, Grace, Clare, Rebecca, and 2 are sons; Peter and Gunner.

Philip Rivers- Started a foundation Rivers of Hope

In the year 2009, Philips opened the foundation Rivers of Hope with an objective of helping foster children to find their permanent homes. But in 2013, the duo officially announced that they were closing the foundation just to put the children at the forefront.

[ CAPTION: Philip Rivers- Started a foundation Rivers of Hope ][ SOURCE: My Hero ]

The couple is very passionate to help the foster children, and we came to know that they are doing the work privately. Rivers said that he would continue such types of programs to bring awareness and to assist the cause of the foster children.