How Many Children Do Philip Rivers Have? Know about his Married Life and Relationship

Philip Rivers is a player worth watching. Philip who plays quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League (NFL) has garnered himself thousands of fans via his football skills but we are here not to discuss his professional life, rather his personal life.


Philip Rivers is a married man and blessed with eight children. Know all the details as you scroll.

Philip Rivers is Married to his Highschool Sweetheart

It was the year 1994 when Philip Rivers met his wife, Tiffany Rivers. Both of them studied together in class seven and since started dating. It was also the same year he started playing football. Guess that makes Tiffany his lucky charm. Probably that's one of the reasons he has been holding onto her.

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[ CAPTION: Rivers with his lovely wife Tiffany Rivers ][ SOURCE: San Diego Entertainer ]

Philip and Tiffany exchanged their vows on May 19, 2001, when Philip was just 19 years old and both were studying in college. Only a year after they got married, the couple had their first child, Halle on July 6, 2002. And they kept adding more and more members in the family in the period of 16 years.

On January 31, 2010, Philip and Tiffany Rivers' had another, baby girl and named her Sarah Catherine. They again had their seventh child, a daughter in October 2013 and the latest addition in the family is their daughter Clare, born on October 28, 2015. 

[ CAPTION: There's always time for family for Philip Rivers and wife Tiffany Rivers ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The couple altogether has eight children, two sons; Gunner and Peter and six daughters; Halle, Rebecca, Sarah, Caroline, Grace, and Clare. Who knows they will even have more in the coming future?

Philip and Wife, Tiffany Are Dedicated Parents 

Philip, a firm Catholic believer believes that his children are his lucky charm. He does love his children and takes out time for them too. In fact, he was always there at the time of birth of his every child.

[ CAPTION: Sometimes it's good practicing with your son too ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Not only Philip but his wife also equally share the love to their children. Philip told in an interview how they rarely go to dates leaving their children with a babysitter. He further added.

"We’re really simple people. Both of us are homebodies, so we like home dates. When the kids are all tucked in we’ll watch a game that’s recorded or just sit and chat. "

[ CAPTION: Philip Rivers during the game ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

He does not seem to be a big fan of the social media. That's why he has neither Instagram nor facebook account. At present, Philip Rivers is living happily with his lovely wife, Tiffany and their eight beautiful children in his house in northern San Diego County, California.