The Walking Dead New Major Comics Character Georgie Or Not?

OMG! has the Commonwealth arrived. Jayne Atkinson as Georgie in The Walking Dead Looks more and act like Pamela Milton.


The Walking Dead has introduced a new character Georgie that has totally freak-out the fans. The fans have started thinking that she is the major character in the show.

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CAPTION: The Walking Dead new major comics character Georgie or not? Their face, hairstyle and moreover to some extent their behaviour also. SOURCE: Twitter

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On 18 March 2018, The walking dead was back on TV screens with new face Georgie that has slightly made us hopeful following her entry.

The viewers assumed that Georgie played by Jayne Atkinson is in real Pamela Milton from the comic book, the leader of the 50k survivor known as Commonwealth from Ohio.

If yes why will the show introduce her early? This question has made the fan desperate whether she is the one fans think of or someone else?

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Now the part if quite tricky as Georgie acts and behave more like Pamela from the comic book. For those who are unfamiliar with the comics will slightly be unclear. If she is Pamela it will be a great turning to the show. Let wait and see as Georgie has said she will be back.

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Although there are already few characters in The Walking Dead that are not mentioned in the comics like Simon and now Georgie.