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The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman talks about married life, and his wife

March 15, 2016
First published on:March 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Robert Kirkman, the brains behind one of the most spectacular TV shows of today “The Walking Dead” talked about his wife and children, in an interview with

 Robert, who known in the industry on being a workaholic confessed that at times his work gets to him on such intense levels that he happens to forget his children’s birthday and other important dates he otherwise should have remembered.

He, however said that his wife had no problem with him being a workaholic even when he would end up working up to 16 hours a day. He further said that she was a constant support to him and sometimes he wondered why she was still staying with him even after him not being able to give her the proper time or attention she deserved for her understanding and care.

He also said the constant support from his wife has helped him come up with better stories as he at times would be late and had to bend his own rules in to finishing his work fearing that his wife would rage down anger on him.

He also said he loves his two kids who are aged four and seven and does everything he possibly can to give them the right time and attention. He further said that the main reason he wants to focus on his children is as a child, Robert’s father who was a tradesman, never had time for him.

He also got a little blunt, adding, “I want them growing up to be shitty people”. Robert and his wife have both said that they would want their sons to grow up to be people of their own free will and mind set.

His wife who happens to be one of the most supporting and understanding partner one could wish for was also his long-time girlfriend prior to their marriage. The pair still maintains a healthy relationship.

In the interview, he also had something to say against the Walt Disney franchise “If Disney is listening there is a price (for Walking Dead Rights) However, the Walt Disney amusement parks are built on foundations of happiness. The Walking Dead amusement parks would be built on a foundation of misery”.

His new show “Fear the Walking Dead” which is a spinoff of his earlier series has already gained wide spread recognition and critical acclaim.

Robert is also one of the highest earning TV creators and has a net worth of up to $20 million. Most of his earnings has come from producing successful TV shows. He also happens to be a highly followed celebrity on social network. He can be followed on Twitter @RobertKirkman.