The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin is Happily living with her Husband Kenric Green and Child

April 1, 2017
First published on:April 1, 2017
by HitBerry

Sonequa Martin- Green; an American producer and actress. She is widely known for her role in "The Walking Dead" as Sasha Williams and "Once Upon a Time" as Tamara. She is also known for her recurring role on "The Good Wife" as Courtney Wells.

Sonequa Martin-Green's professional life can be easily found but her personal life is rarely talked in the media. Check out her marital life. Also know more about her child. Check it out…

Is "The Walking Dead" Sonequa Martin married?

Sonequa Martin-Green managed to win the hearts of million through her stupendous acting skills. That's the reason; Sonequa Martin's relationship status is most searched. For your kind information, The Walking Dead Sonequa Martin is married and already reserved.

Sonequa Martin married actor Kenric Green in the year 2010. The couple met while acting in the play Fetch Clay. After dating for a very long time, the couple shared their marital life. But they kept their wedding ceremony out of sight.

Sonequa Martin and Kenric Green

Sonequa Martin and Kenric Green

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However, it is true that Sonequa Martin tied the knot with her boyfriend Kenric Green in an intimate wedding in front of their family and close friends. Now at the moment, the couple is sharing almost seven years of marital life.

Till the date, we did not hear any breakup news or divorce issues of the couple. Also, there are no any extra-affairs of the couple recorded. Why would they be involved in any extra affairs while they are happily enjoying each other's company?

Sonequa Martin and Kenric Green

Sonequa Martin and Kenric Green 

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Sonequa Martin's Children

Luckily, the couple loves working together. They worked together on the sixth season of "The Walking Dead". While season 5 of "The Walking Dead" got filmed, she was pregnant with her son. She needs to hide her baby bump for the sake of her career.

Pregnant Sonequa Martin

Pregnant Sonequa Martin

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Sonequa Martin gave birth to their first child, a baby boy, Kenric Justin II on 10th January 2015. At the moment, Kenric Justin II age is 2 years old. In one of her interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said:

"I'm really blessed to have a great pregnancy. I'm not swollen or blown up anywhere else. I'm very grateful for that. It's helped hide the whole thing because it's really just my stomach we have to deal with. For the longest time, just the layers that I'm wearing would hide the whole thing."

"And my gun is really big, so that helps too. So it's been okay, and now at this point, it's about just doing good right angles and not turning to a full profile. As long as I'm face-on, there's a trick of the camera—you can't quite see it."

Sonequa Martin on "The Walking Dead"

Sonequa Martin on "The Walking Dead"

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Martin now successfully handles her personal life and professional life perfectly.