Teyana Taylor Reveals Wendy Williams Why Iman Shumpert Wasn’t The Right Guy At First

Teyana Taylor gets candid about the first meeting with husband Iman Shumpert with Wendy Williams. She revealed why he was not the right guy for her at the first meeting.


The singer-model Teyana Taylor frankly said Wendy Williams, she “Did Not Like” husband Iman Shumpert at first but things changed with the time. They took some time to understand each other and now they are married.

Taylor who has previously appeared in The Wendy Williams Show pay her recent visit where she opens up how she first met and what happened in detail. Enter the show she started acting funny and Williams burst into the laugh.

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Taylor said, “I did not like him at first.” She then continued to explain why she disliked him.

She added when she met NBA player Shumpert for the very first time he had just been drafted and he was too young. She was running away from his as he was totally drunk and taken his shirt off.  In fact, there was a lot of thing going there, she said.

She said she was totally shocked when Sacramento King Player came near her and told: “you need me in your life.” She then said calm down as he was drunk and out of control.

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Then they helped each other with their past affair which brought them close enough to begin their dating. While the NBA player began to recover from the injury they started to fall in love.

How they got married has now become history. They were married in front of the bathroom where their baby daughter Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr was born earlier.