Television host Wendy Williams had plastic surgery, Know about her married life and children

Twenty years have passed, but people still keep talking about the Wendy Williams plastic surgery case. So, what makes her plastic surgery an issue? Let me tell you the Comedy show host is pretty vocal about her plastic surgery and enhancements she has been through. 


She said the process was just an effort to fit in as she was a fat kid. She is a huge supporter of the plastic surgery process that she has undergone, she thinks the body was worth the pain. She has made some changes in her natural looks.

Moreover, She has undergone silicon breast enlargement, Lips reshaping, and facial surgery but so far we don't know if she has done anything with her sexy ass.

Her Breast look perfect after silicone implant

Let's take a look at her appearance in the World’s Largest Bachelorette Party held in Las Vegas, She looked stunningly hot and sensual but no one could tell by her looks that she is fifty-one years old. She is still one hundred percent desirable among all Hollywood TV actress.

Caption: Wendy Williams in Bachelorette party LA

The beautiful and currently single funny woman is a mother of a child named Kevin Hunter Jr. who is currently a teenager. Believe it or not, but she expressed her implants all by herself, unlike other Hollywood celebrity who tend to hide it from the media.

The show presenter supports her decision of surgery as she believes that she was able to fit in the normal people category only after undergoing the surgery.

She, in an interview with the famous People's magazine, said

I gagged when my son came and asked me about the implants, Wiliams told PEOPLE.  It was Where did you hear that? But it was on my own show.

Wendy Williams for people's magazine

Other than breast enlargement she has admitted having liposuction and facial stretches, as well as belly fat reduction surgery, was done, just to fit into normal clothes that she can wear now.

In a comedy show, she admitted that the news of her implants was known to her son through that very show.



The sexy mama is a style icon in recent days and we surely know that it caused her a lot of pain to get that body and after spending so much of time and money she finally has that plumper ass and fluffy boobs that can hypnotize anyone in a single glance.

Is she married or single?

Kevin Hunter is Wendy's former husband, who was an executive producer for her show since day one but after their divorce, she fired her husband as well from her life.

The former couple married each other in 1997 and they are recently divorced as Wendy was keeping the relationship going only for her son's happiness as she had known Kevin was cheating on her from a long time.

Do they have children together?

The small and happy Wendy family consist of only three members, Wendy her husband Kevin and their only son Kevin Hunter Jr. The baby boy was born in 2000 and is currently a sixteen years old handsome teenager.

The handsome sixteen years old boy is one of the favorite fun topics for Wendy which shows us how much she loves her only son. We already know the mom's side of a story about having a teenager at home but the story from Kev Jr. is yet to be heard and we don't know if the fun factor has been passed on by the mom to her son.

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