Teyana Taylor Fights Like Black Panther Danai Gurira With Her Wig

‘This man’s like polar bear’ Teyana Taylors fights with her husband Iman Shumpert like Danai Gurira fights with villains in the blockbuster film Black Panther using her wig.


Nailed it! Teyana Taylors multi-talents show off her wig fighting skill that shocked everybody in the vehicles.  Instantly she started charging her husband Iman Shumpert taking her wig off.

Taylor first requested her hubby to pull off the window instead of closing he replies that he has not even touched the window.  Then she raised her voice pulls off her wig and get all over Shumpert. But Shumpert keeps on ignoring her.

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After hitting him numerous times she cools down and teases Shumpert if he would like to use it and he wears it. Soon environment turned to be funny. This was only part of the clip if you want to watch more than watch the series says, Taylor.

The show Teyana & Iman focuses on filming their lives, family and career moves they took. The show premiered on March 26, 2018, at VH1 from 9 pm to 9:30 pm. The show is will run half-hour.

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What Her Fans Things About Teyana Taylor And Iman Shumpert Wig Fight And Show


A fan named Alecia was so excited about the wig fight that she shared Danai Gurira Black Panther film fighting clip with a laughing emo.

“Exactly what I thought when she hit Iman with the wig.” Taylor impressed with the funny clip Retweeted it.

One of the couple fan name Leslie Mae tweeted “No ma’am 30 won’t do.” Looks like, he needs more extra hours show.

As singer Taylor is so funny she has started sharing the glimpse of the show and her fans love her sense of humor.