South Korean Star Jun Hyun Moo And Model Han Hye Jin in a Romantic Dating Relationship

Just in the growing list of South Korean's newly dating couple like Bae Suzy Dating Lee Dong Wook and Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon, Han Hye Jin and Jun Hyun Moo also joined the list. Both of them are the members of MBC’s TV show, ‘I Live Alone.’ To know more about their affair, read the article until the end.



Although it has not been long that Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye started dating, they’ve made many headlines, especially in Korean news sites. Scroll down to know Jun Hyun Moo's dating relationship with Han Hye Jin:

Jun Hyun Moo Dating Han Hye Jin

People, working together seem to develop some unique bond. Every one of us has experienced it at least once in our life. A similar case was with Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin. As they worked together, not only they already had some bond, but they started falling for each other and finally announced to the world that they are dating.

CAPTION: Members of 'I Live Alone' SOURCE: All K pop

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The couple announced the good news on 2nd March 2018. However, they also revealed that they have been dating for quite a while. Jun Hyun Moo even apologized for not informing about their affair, he said,

I'm sorry we didn't reveal it first in our group chat but it's a world where we can't trust anyone.

But now, the pair now seems to be comfortable as they have already let the world know that they are dating for real.

Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin's Dating Status

Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin have an adorable relationship. Not so long ago, Jun Hyun Moo sent a sweet message to his girlfriend on air. It was one of the sweetest things a boyfriend could do for her girl.

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The duo seems to have excellent chemistry with each other as they can easily mention one another’s favorite things. On March 12th episode of ‘We are the One,’ Park Myung Soo asked several questions to Jun Hyun Moo about his girlfriend, and he didn’t leave a question unanswered.

CAPTION: Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin SOURCE: All K pop

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In the same show, Jun Hyun Moo also said that he finds Han Hye Jin’s dimple extremely pretty and that he wants to live in it.