SNL Alum Colin Quinn Humor Despite His Heart Attack On Valentine’s Day

February 20, 2018

Saturday Night Live Alum, Colin Quinn is recovering for Valentine’s Day heart-attack but his sense of humor is ever the same.


Colin Quinn praises his friends & fans prayers, while he suffered from heart-attack on the day of Valentine.  

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[ CAPTION: Colin Quinn praises his friends & fans prayers on twitt ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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Despite his serious situation, Quinn makes funny jokes.

“My heart broke on Valentine’s Day. Literally, I am currently doing well although if I dropped dead you would see a funeral like al Capone!”

“Thanks for all the kind words and support. Starting a list of those who didn’t ‘check in’ yet. Guarantee they’ll regret the day they didn't wish me well on the road to recovery.”

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Quinn thanks heartily via his twitter and continued to crack jokes to prove is back and doing well.

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However, he also made serious tweet describing heart attack has made me realized that we do not ‘guarantee tomorrow’.