Arsenal player Mesut Özil, helps a man getting married prank his soon-to-be-wife; the footballer back with his girlfriend

Without a doubt, Mesut Ozil has, by far, been the best player in the Premier League. However, his goodness is seen not only on pitch, but off the pitch as well.

Ozil recently invited an Arsenal fan and his new bride to a game with VIP treatment for both. He decided to do so after he got to know that the fan had dedicated his wedding speech to Ozil.

The groom teased his guest into thinking that he was expressing his love for his bride. But instead, he was actually referring to Ozil.

When Ozil got to know about, it he congratulated the pair through his Twitter account and promised to congratulate them personally after they got back from their honeymoon. In addition, he said he would be inviting them both to an Arsenal game.

Ozil, in his professional sphere, is currently in his peak form. Many consider him to be the best player in the English Premier League this season. He is also the most expensive German footballer of all time, with a record transfer fee of £42.5 million pounds.

Ozil has been compared to the Real Madrid Legend Zinedine Zidane many times for their similar playing styles. Ozil is currently injured. He missed Arsenal’s last game with Stoke City.

However, the  news has indicated that he has recovered from his injury and is all set to make a return this week when his team plays former champions, Chelsea.

Fans and the management are also relying on him as the teams’ title chances look even clearer than ever. They have also said that if he were to perform his level best against Barcelona next month in the champion’s league knock out fixtures, Arsenal might actually have a chance to out do the current champions of Europe.

Ozil, in terms of his personal relationships, had been having a on and off romance with his girlfriend Mandy Capristo. The relationship had ended briefly after Ozil was rumored to be having an affair. However, recent posts from Ozil’s Instagram account suggest that they are back together.

Ozil has not mentioned marriage and sources close to him have said that marriage for Ozil will most likely come when he is nearing retirement. Mandy may someday be his wife. But it won’t happen in the near future.

Ozil is just 27 years of age and has said that he is yet to reach his prime on the field. He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Ozil also has slight asymmetrical eyes.

Ozil’s annual salary is estimated to be £7.28 Million pounds as of 2013. His net worth has been estimated to be over $50 million dollars. However, certain sites have indicated an even higher number for him due to his various sponsorships.

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