Footballer Carlos Tevez, aged 31, transfers from Juventus to hometown club Boca Juniors,

Football club Juventus have officially transferred Argentine player Carlos Tevez's to his hometown club Boca Juniors. The deal was made last month and they also announced that they would be getting options on four players in return.

Juventus made the deal for Tevez, who gets a salary of 6.5 million Euros, for almost $7.2 million with Boca Juniors, his beloved club. Despite the million dollar deal, the European club won’t be seeing any of the money as Juventus and Boca Juniors have made another deal as well. They will be paying Boca 3.5 million euros for forward Guido Vadala on a two-year loan as well as 1 million euros each for the rights to midfielders Rodrigo Bentancur Colman, Franco Sebastian Cristaldo and Adrian Andres Cubas. The Italian football giants will be able to purchase Vadala’s full rights for 9.4 million euros by April 2017.

Tevez, aged 31 who was loved by the club fans during his tenure in Boca from 2001 to 2004 was presented by Boca Juniors at the Bombonera stadium later. The Argentine forward’s wish has finally been fulfilled as he has previously expressed his wish to end his football career with Boca Juniors, his close-to-heart club where he began his career.

Tevez left his home club in 2004 after playing there for his first four years to join Brazil's Corinthians, then West Ham, Manchester United and Manchester City in England. He later joined Italian champion Juventus two years ago on a three-year contract. He scored 50 goals for his former team in two seasons. Despite being part of Juventus, his heart was always in his Buenos Aires team. After scoring a goal, Tevez always celebrated his victory by displaying undershirts bearing the names of different Buenos Aires neighborhoods.

This Argentine football star’s former club Juventus also paid tribute to him, calling him “undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and exhilarating forwards Juventus have ever had" on the day when the two clubs made Tevez’s transfer official.

Both Juventus and Boca Juniors made the official announcement via Twitter.

The Italian club announced the deal through their official website. They paid their emotional tribute to the player before his departure.

"His first match for the Bianconeri was almost a prophecy of what was to come: a goal, a victory, and an Italian Super Cup trophy held aloft to the heavens in 2013.

"So now Carlitos returns home, to wear the Boca Juniors shirt again. He'll be sending other football fans into raptures next season. Because it's the effort that Tevez puts into every match that's made him a firm favourite with fans in Argentina, Brazil, England and Italy.

"Muchas gracias, Carlitos. Good luck in your new adventure."

Tevez tweeted a very heart touching message for the fans of Juventus with a title 'Juventino!!!'

He wrote: "From the very first day I arrived in Turin, I felt I was at home and I rediscovered immediately my desire to play football. I have only words of appreciation. I've taken a decision to go back to my country to be able to be reunited with my family.

"It was not easy because I leave friends, teammates and a club who made me happy behind in Turin. Thanks for all the battles, won and lost, I have learnt a lot thanks to all of you. You will always have a place in my heart. L'Apache!!!!"

Fans of Boca Juniors are very excited to see Carlos once again playing for his home club. We hope that the star reaches the height of his career in the much loved team.

Tevez was married to his childhood sweetheart Vanesa with two daughters: Florencia and Katia. He spilt with his wife later and went on to date now-23-then-19 actress and dancer Brenda Asnicar. He split with his girlfriend a year later.

Tevez has a huge burn scar starting from his neck from his right ear to his chest. He suffered a third degree burns with a boiling water as a child. The player refused the offer of Boca Juniors for a cosmetic surgery to remove the scars, saying that the scars were a part of who he was in the past and who he is today.