Footballer Ryan Fitzpatrick plays badly months into new contract with his new team Jets; losing his ranking

Jets have now lost five games in a row, a feat they had not achieved in a long time. Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets quarterback, has come under severe scrutiny from media and fans alike, who have been hard on him and have put the blame for all of their loses on him .

In their recent loss to the Eagles, Ryan’s flaws and his inabilities were highlighted through the game, which could give other teams an easy way to get around the Jets by exploiting their most important vulnerability – their quarterback Ryan.

Ryan's Ups and Downs

Ryan has time and again showed his greatest weakness lies in his inability to throw the ball downfield, which some experts consider to be the most vital duty of a quarterback.

Ryan began the season as a vital source of stability for the Jets, who were highly dysfunctional at the end of the season last year and also were not showing any signs of improvement over the pre –seasons .

Ryan, before the season started, had just signed a new contract with the team, showing great dedication at the practice pitch and also leadership quality that was much needed in the lackluster Jets team.

Ryan was considered the backbone for the team, but he is now unsure if he will even have a place among the starting players.

His miserable performances over the last few games have left the coaching staff of the Jets with no other option than to replace him. He needs to perform if he expects to be playing for the rest of the season.

Ryan, prior to playing for the Jets, was the main quarter back for Houston Texas. He joined the team as a secondary quarter back, but a locker room incident, which left the current Jets quarterback injured, gave him an opportunity to start.

While Playing for Houston Texas, he was an outstanding player. Many regarded him as one of the finest in the sport, second only to Tom Brady.

Ryan's family life

Ryan, on a personal scale, has achieved a great deal of happiness and is content as he has mentioned this many times earlier.

He spends his free times mostly with his family and has said the only thing he enjoys more than playing football is spending time with his wife and children.

Ryan is married to Liza Barber who is also his college sweet heart. His wife also excelled in soccer while in college. The both of them are good sportsmen.

He married her in 2006. He has said that he was in a difficult situation at that time and the only good thing that happened to him over that period is his marriage.

Ryan and Liza have three children and their son Brady apparently is a math genius. Ryan just turned thirty four years of age and celebrated his birthday yesterday.

At 6 feet 2 inches in height he is one of the tallest quarter backs in the game at the moment.

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