Patriot's Aaron Dobson, Danny Amendola's replacement, showing off his impressive skills and stats for his team

Aaron Dobson will be replacing the injured Danny Amendola as the wide receiver for the New England Patriots this season. Dobson, who is normally a substitute for Danny, has been getting a lot of game time recently after Danny contracted a month long injury.

Dobson has proved to be an even better replacement than Danny on the team by helping the Patriots secure four victories in their last five games. With outstanding pace and agility, analysts are saying that in the recent games Dodson has proved the world wrong along with everybody who ever underestimated his skill set.

Dobson is also a more reliable player than his counter parts, especially due to his ability to avoid injury and outpace most defenders in the league by more than a second. Dobson has not been injured in his young professional career so far and has been known to say that he is going to retire uninjured, simply because no one can catch him.

Dobson, in his recent stats, has been covering on an average 18 yards per game, although he has yet to manage a touchdown. Critics have come down harsh on him due to his inability to convert even open chances in the recent games. However, Dobson is all set to silence his critics in the forthcoming game this week.

Dobson currently plays for the New England Patriots team and has been playing with the team his entire professional footballing career. Prior to joining the Patriots, Dobson played college football for Marshall.

Dobson also has managed to secure impressive career stats in his infant career with over 53 receptions so far and 698 receiving yards with four touchdowns, even after playing as a substitute most of his games.

Dobson’s contract with the New England patriots covers till 2017 and his average salary is an estimated $860,000 per year with a total contract salary for $4 million.

Aaron is also one of the youngest players on the Patriots team at just 24 years. The average team age for the Patriots is 30 and Aaron has been nicknamed Kid more than once during team practices.  He holds the record for being one of the youngest players to win a Super bowl at just 23 years of age in 2014.

He was also a star of the U-19 and U-21 world American football championships. Many coaches have speculated that Aaron is set to become one of the best players the NFL has seen in years.

This may be one of the reasons he was immediately snatched by the leading team in NFL very early on in his career – a move that is not very common in the world of American football.

Aaron is a regular Twitter-er and frequently communicates with his fans through Twitter. Aaron, on an average, tweets about 6 times a day. He can be followed on Twitter @aarondobson17.