Rose McGowan Storm Off When Questioned If Harvey Weinstein ‘Opened the Doors of Hollywood ‘For Her

Rose McGowan Storms Out of a support group in Italy on Citizen Rose after calming “I Am Not #Me Too.” She found one of a group member question really offensive when asked if it was Harvey Weinstein who opened the Doors for her in the Hollywood.


Rose McGowan takes her story to Italy but it’s not always easy when it comes going globe. And it’s pretty clear that she didn’t benefit from her experience with mogul Harvey Weinstein.

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Today’s got me feeling like:

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At Thursday 1 hour installment of Citizen Rose meets with few other sexual assault survivors while traveling in Italy.

It makes my heart happy that Asia has somewhere to go for women that support because it’s been something for me that has been fundamentally not there,” the actress said while sitting with the women.

Then the women start discussing #Me Too movement.

Of course, why do you think I did it?” McGowan said. “I always say I am not a #Me Too, I am not #Me Too.”

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She adds “Stupid Media” showing the media fault behind the reason.

Unknown to what next McGowan continued the group discussion. And one woman asked the 44 years old star if her experience with Weinstein helped “open the doors of Hollywood, “she was very upset as the question drop like an atom bomb to her.

I find that offensive, sorry,” she told before walking away.

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McGowan is the first women to speak against Weinstein following the claim of sexual assault back in 1997.