Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull's Net Worth; Know his Salary and Allowances from the Government

63 years old Austrailian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was Australia's richest parliamentarian until the election of billionaire Clive Palmer in the 2013 election. Prime Minister Malcolm has a huge amount of net worth, and the Australian government has been paying him a good salary and allowances.


The current Prime Minister of Austrailia Malcolm Turnbull is the leader of the Liberal party since 2015. So Australia's most important person is also the wealthy person. The president was also on the BRW list 200 for the second year running in 2010. Let us know more about Malcolm Turnbull's net worth, salary, and allowances, house, and cars collection

Malcolm Turnbull's net worth

Malcolm Turnbull's net worth is estimated to be $133 million. He was also listed in the list of the 200 richest people in Australia as per net worth in 2014. Beside the political career, Turnbull is also a good writer. The prime minister has written numerous books, till, date, which also helped him to build up his earnings.

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Some famous books he wrote are; Fighting For The Republic, review Of The Managed Investment, Geology Of The Jurassic Course, Liberal Values and Policies and, many others. Geology Of The Jurassic Course is the latest book which he authored in 2011.

Malcolm Turnbull's Salary and allowances

The current Prime Minister of Austrailia, Malcolm Turnbull is paid a good amount of money as a salary by the government. The Australian government is paying him $5,27,852 annually for the job. 

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According to some sources, Turnbull is receiving $10 per day allowances as the member of parliament and $565 for each overnight stay out of the Primeminister's home base.

As the Prime Minister, he looks to be giving his good decisions favoring for his nation. He is recently seen talking about the cheating cricket players. He seemed very concerned about the pride of his nation. He publicly criticised the cricketers who cheated.

YouTube: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull giving his thoughts about the cheating cricketers

Malcolm Turnbull's House

Turnbull owned a beautiful mansion in Piper point. According to the sources, it is said that Turnbull sold the mansion at the price of $52 million.

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As the Prime Minister of Austrailia Malcolm Turnbull owns a Kirribilli House in Sydney. The government of Australia has guarded the house with the armed guards, CCTV cameras all around for the safety of the Prime Minister. The cost of the house can be millions, as it is not sure.

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According to the sources Malcolm and his spouse Lucy Hughes were also in real state business in the past. Therefore, it is sure that the couple collected an impressive amount of earning from real estate business.

Malcolm Turnbull's Cars

Turnbull drives a beautiful BMW 7 series sedan car costing around $90,650.  BMW 7 series sedan is a very luxurious and comfortable car.

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CAPTION: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with his BMW 7 Series s SOURCE: My Electric Car

The Prime Minister looks to be busy with his big job. He is not often seen giving time for any other personal business. Also, he does not look to be interested in often changing his vehicle.