Georgina Haig's transition from Australian TV shows and movies to American TV.

Sure appearing in your national Television is a big deal. But, everyone eventually wants to appear in American TV. Not only does it attract wide appearance but increases your popularity many times fold.

This Australian hot actress, Georgina Haig is famous for her role in the children series The Elephant Princess.

Keen on acting and drama since her youth, Georgina was able to land role in two Australian movies Wasted on the Youth and Road Train as soon as she graduated from her drama school. Her performance landed her another major role in the Australian horror movie Crawl (2011) for which she received Best Actress in Scream Festival award.  

Some of Georgina’s best performance in Australian movies can be seen in Road Kill (2010), The Sapphires (2012), The Mule (2014), etc.

Moving up the way towards being a big star in American TV, she eventually appeared in various American TV shows like Limitless, Childhood’s End, Once Upon a Time, Reckless, etc.

Despite being considered for many mainstream movies like Wrath of the Titans (2013) and The Amazing Spiderman (2012), she eventually lost to the eventual actress.  But it does not necessarily mean that she is any worse.  Her talent is praised by many of her co-workers and directors and they believe that this 30 year old actress has lots of time left to show off her talent.

Extremely hot and beautiful, Georgina can enamor anyone with her looks. With the height of 5 feet 7 inch, her height really suits her. She look gorgeous and really sexy. Among the most searched Australian actress, her beauty has made her famous across the world. Her enchanting beauty along with her perfectionist talent makes her ideal choice for many movies and TV shows.

As of 2014, she is married to a fellow Australian actor Josh Mapleston. They were dating for a while until they eventually decided to settle down. It seems that they don’t have any children yet.

 There are no records of her dating anyone or being in a relationship with anyone. According to Georgina, her husband is very supportive of her and understands her profession as he is himself an actor.

Georgina is very active on Twitter with around 80k fans and still growing. She often tweets to her fans and tries to keep in touch with them. She is also active on Instagram with significant amount of followers. Georgina often posts pictures of her and her family in her free time.

It seems Georgina is very secretive when it comes to revealing her financial standing. Her net worth is estimated is still a mystery along with her salary. It can be assumed that her salary must be pretty attractive as her.