Paul Lieberstein In Quest Of New Identity Than Being Just Toby Flenderson From The Office

arjunPublished on   27 Apr, 2018Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Paul Lieberstein would like to be more than The Office character Toby Flenderson. He is in quest of New Identity and believes his new movie Song of Back and Nech will help his to accomplish his search.


Paul Lieberstein is a multitalented man, if you are not familiar with his real name, you may recognize him as HR Toby Flenderson from series The Office. Besides the role of sad sack whose whole process was to serve Michael Scott’s, Lieberstein also worked as an executive producer and writer in the sitcom. He also appeared as a co-showrunner on The Newsroom, an HBO drama.

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In his new movie Song of Back and Neck, he is a producer, director, writer and has starred himself, which was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

What Paul Lieberstein say about Song of Back?

Lieberstein says he has this awful back pain for more than 20 years and he did and went to every people he could to get rid of it. And one day his wife gave him this book and surprisingly his back pain was gone after three days. Then he acknowledges it was not just losing the back pain. There were elements that he needs to believe from buying into it, which he was ignoring in his past days.

He says this was something different a mind-body connection thing, which he always thought was ridiculous. But says we have to believe it and there is really a connection.

The actor added it was a lot about suppressing anger and focus and works on the movie kind of focus too.

How does he feel when his casual entertainment fans only recognized him as Toby?

It’s great says, Paul. He explained Toby was a focused character, no tremendous amount of rage as he needs none, depending on the writer of the episode.  Though he had a sad part he was a very neutral and he believes because of Michael Scott got that whole amount of anger and reactions.  

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It’s will be better to go beyond and not be limited to that only.