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Just Laugh, Why Do We Make It Challenging Enough For Comedian Like Paul Lieberstein To Go Dramatic?

April 26, 2018 by arjun

We just want to laugh until we cry. Why do we make challenging enough for comedians like Lieberstein to be dramatic? This has become a matter of confusion in comedy lovers.


Why won’t we let Paul Lieberstein cry?

One thing is very much obvious, we all love to laugh until we cry. But the threshold of dramatic acceptance is the main barrier for a comedian like Lieberstein to cross once the audience has together decided that person is funny and specialized in it.

CAPTION: Just Laugh, Why Do We Make It Challenging Enough For Comedian Like Paul Lieberstein To Go Dramatic? SOURCE: Twitter

And when the comedian delivers anything that deviates from our expectation, we simply disregard in our first reaction or attack it.

But we must not forget a great comedy and great drama usually comes from quality characters.

Liberstein is best known for his role Toby in The Office who believes the sequel to it is possible. He is a multitalented personality. In The Office, he was a writer, a producer, and showrunner who has the talent to give more serious entertainment.

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Liberstein has put that sentiment in his new drama film Song of Back and Neck, which premiered few days at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Song of Back and Neck is dramedy wrote, produced, directed and starred by Lieberstein as Fred who is a hapless man on a journey to discover a cure for his chronic back pain.

The movie is based on his own life who discover unusual talent and unexpected love, and his feeling that push him to pain. The film has several funny moments but it deals with his internal pain than about gut-busting punchlines.

The Office fans might not get all they expect because it is hard to see Liberstein cry.

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