Paul Lieberstein Opinion On 'Office' Reboot, 'Its Possibility'

April 24, 2018

The Office producer Paul Liberstein who has suddenly jumped into feature filmmaking ‘Song of back and Neck’ says an Office reboot is possible.


Paul Liberstein opens up, a reboot of the popular comedy series Office isn’t that impossible as some People believe to be out of the realm.  

CAPTION: Paul Lieberstein Opinion On 'Office' Reboot, 'Its Possibility' SOURCE: Twitter

Steve Carrell when asked about the idea of show reboot, he repeated NO times and again and ends with it.

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The Office Lieberstein, a producer, show writer, and supporting cast member said: “I Guess it’s possible.” Talking to cheddar in the Tribeca Film Festival “there are some talks about the reboot but we will be seeing completely new cast possibly that can be more like a spin-off type than a reboot.”

Moreover, Liberstein who role played Toby Flenderson, a human resource manager in The Office is making his first feature film Song of Back and Neck, inspired by his chronic back pain.

Explaining Lieberstein said, he was just trying to make work out of his years of working experience in television.

The premiere of Songs of Back and Neck film was fixed on Monday at Tribeca. The cast member of the film Paul Feig, Brian d’Arcy James and Rosemarie also present their view about how it feels to be in a comedy film.