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Is Movie actor Paul Lieberstein sick with cancer?

January 21, 2018
First published on:December 27, 2015
by John

American screenwriter Paul Lieberstein is one of the most loved figures in the entertainment industry. He has a friendly personality and charming behavior.

This attribute of his has won over the hearts of millions of fans from around the world. However, reports claiming that the actor has cancer have begun resurfacing on the internet, which has left his fans very dismayed.

Paul Lieberstein cancer rumors

There were rumors that Lieberstein was exhibiting early symptoms of cancer from as early as 2013. During the last episodes of "The Office", a TV series where he played the role of Toby Flenderson, it was apparent that he was losing weight very rapidly.

There were also suggestions that Lieberstein was constantly nauseated, sick and dizzy during the filming of the show. These are symptoms typically associated with early stages of cancer.

There is no common consensus on what type of cancer Lieberstein has. But, there is strong proof that the screenwriter may have lungs cancer. It is thought that his habit of smoking may have resulted in cancer. Fortunately, this cancer is easily curable through the medical process.

Lieberstein has also not been seen in any social event for over two months now. It is suggested that the actor is undergoing chemotherapy at New York Cancer Hospital in New York. This hospital is regarded as one of the best places for chemotherapy in the entire the world.

Paul Lieberstein marriage

Lieberstein is currently married to Janine Poreba. The two tied the knot in July of 2008. This is Lieberstein’s second marriage. He has 5 children from his two marriages. It is reported that his wife, Poreba and all of his children are being extremely supportive of Lieberstein in this rough.

Lieberstein and his family have denied that he suffers from cancer in various interviews. They have claimed that the actor has lost weight only because of excessive commitment to his job.

They have also stated that he is spending more time with his family and that is why he has not been able to appear at social events.

Paul Lieberstein Education and Career

The director is a graduate of Hamilton College where he majored in economics. He has had a passion for writing since his college days. His big break came when he was offered an opportunity to write the storyline for the first season of "King of The Hill". 

After that, he has written and produced several other famous TV series and movies. "The Office" is the most critically acclaimed show written by him. He has also directed few episodes of the series "The Office".

Lieberstein can be followed on Twitter @Paullieberstein. He has not yet posted anything dismissing the claims about his illness. His Twitter handle has about 14k followers. It is estimated that his net worth is in excess of $15 million dollars. 

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