Veronica Mars' Ego towards Donald Trump and her Plan of Action for unseating him from Power

Have you ever watched the American drama series "Veronica Mars"? If so then you might be known about the character Veronica Mars in the drama series. She played in the role of a popular girl who helps her private investigator father to dig into the lives of rich and famous people.

Know more about Veronica Mars's actress Kristen Bell. Also, we will let you know the war between Donald Trump and Kristen Bell. Check out their tweets and also check how Veronica Mars ego towards Donald Trump.

Veronica Mars Ego towards Donald Trump

Veronica Mars is no longer a stranger for today's people. The badass private eye teen lady Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell has already won the millions heart. She arranged to give a tough competition to everyone from rich-famous secret society members to dognappers over all three seasons of Veronica Mars.

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But did anyone think about Veronica Mars would even give a tough competition in a political sector, someone like Donald Trump? Hm…. Don't you think it's quite a curious topic to talk about? It's actually an impressive to talk about Donald Trump becoming president.

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Donald Trump and Kristen Bell

Donald Trump and Kristen Bell

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While Huffington Post talked with Kristen Bell, she revealed about Veronica's ego towards Donald Trump and her plan of action for unseating him from power. She told Donald Trump:

“Veronica would definitely fly smart and under the radar and infiltrate”

“She would run for office immediately."

Do you remember the moment when Veronica Mars stood up for the underdogs? She just directly calls out the injustice just after she feels something fishy. She exposed about corruption in the Neptune Sheriff's Department. If there's anyone who can give a tough competition, then it would definitely be Veronica Mars.

Moreover: Donald Trump loves talking about women with Howard Stern.

Kristen Bell to HATERS

Kristen Bell to HATERS

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Kristen Bell and Donald Trump's Tweeter War

Kristen Bell; an actress who voices Princess Anna in the animated film "Frozen". Since the day the president of US started his office, Donald Trump always managed to be on the top. Donald Trump tweeted dishonest media to Frozen, and guess what, Kristen Bell replied it with a bold reply. Check out their tweets…

Kristen Bell VS Donald Trump

Kristen Bell VS Donald Trump

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What do you think people?  Will Veronica Mars take an actor for unseating Donald Trump from his power? We just can't guarantee anything because you know she is a super tough lady.